Ghosts of Witches Past by Corinne O’Flynn

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Title: Ghosts of Witches Past

Author: Corinne O’Flynn

Genre: YA/Fantasy/Paranormal

Rating: *****

Review: The opening of Ghosts of Witches Past was amazing. We are introduced to Niall who has escaped his family who are trying to murder him for unknown reasons making the novel very suspenseful for the offset. We are also introduced to Wavy’s a witch who can see the spirits of the dead and helps them move on and its the curse that tells her of her own mother’s death. I was a bit stunned at the amount of suspense so earlier on in the novel and wondered whether the author would be able to maintain it.

As Wavy tries to unravel the mysterious circumstances surrounding her mother’s death and ghost appearing she beings to remember things she had long since forgotten. Its a strange and tense scene when Niall and Wavy meet for the first time and slightly heart-breaking given the circumstances both witches find themselves in at the present time. It turns out that Wavy’s mother had gone to help Niall and how that task will fall the Wavy and the remaining family. As we reach the 1/4 mark in the novel, Wavy tries to help Niall but her family resist because he comes from a dark family and they are still dealing with the grief of Amber’s death in which Niall is involved but Waveria holds out hope that her Gran will listen to him eventually. Niall and Waveria together find a letter from her mother hidden in a place where only Wavy would find it, this letter contained information tying Waveria and Niall together and now only they can solve the mysteries they have been presented with but will Waveria’s fear get the better of her.

As they try to find out more about Ethaniel Morrison; Waveria’s father and the man Niall’s grandmother supposedly killed they also begin research on what happened to Niall and whether there is any way to reverse it. As we approach the half way point in the novel, Niall and Wavy realize they have to go to Niall’s home where they may find the notes for the spell Niall’s mother used to separate him from his magical soul and then Waveria should be able to undo it but it is going to be extremely dangerous. As we cross the half way mark the duo find the spell and ingredients list there is only one problem the spirit they were trying to trap inside of Niall isn’t Ethaniel Morrison but someone else entirely. While they head back to the library in New York they now have Waveria’s family and Niall’s searching for them so time is against the pair before they are found. As both become closer and learn to truth each other Waveria tells Niall about her past and why she is so scared to go outside without her mother or grandmother there with her.

Waveria and Niall search for help in their quest but are often rejected because of who Niall is. Being in the city really takes its toll on Waveria with hundreds of ghosts following her, but then things get worse when Niall’s family show up and try to take him back. Both know time is running out to reverse what has been done to Niall and Waveria’s determination is truly astounding. Waveria’s power also changes as for the first time she is able to communicate with the spirits, Waveria also knows that Von Abendroth is the key to understanding her mother’s death so they return to his building in search of answers

As we approach the 3/4 mark in the novel Wavy and Niall team up with Stephen Von Abendroth who was married to Alice and he has information about the murder that day that no one else has access to. We feel as if everything is coming to a head very soon and all the lies will finally be revealed. As cross into the final section of the novel, the pieces of the puzzle are slowly coming together now all the group have to do is figure what Stephen’s son saw the night Alice was convicted of murder. They realise that the only person who can help them is the spirit Niall is tied to, and the upcoming festival may be the key as the veil between the spirit and human realms is at its weakest.

As the veil between the worlds weakens the spell on Niall begins to take effect. As the effects of spell begin to worsen the only thing Waveria can do is to find help, Waveria races through the festival to get back to Niall when she realizes his family is there she finds him gone. Waveria now races to save Niall before his family kill him in front of the entire magical community. Waveria tries desperately to save Niall even helping Gregor’s spirit resist the pull of the spell he is under. When the truth is finally revealed everything Wavy though her life was is shattered but the only thing she cares about; Niall is safe. In the final pages of this novel everything comes together and Waveria and Niall are beginning a new life without lies, deceit and corruption holding them prisoner. While Waveria’s family collapses under the weight of their guilt she finds a new home with Stephen Von Abendroth and is ready to move forward. I must say I absolutely loved this novel and hope there is a sequel in the works as I really want to see more of these characters very soon. I highly recommend this book and everyone should go and buy it right now.

This book was sent to me for review consideration by the author

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