Missing Royal by Konstanz Silverbow

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Title: Missing Royal

Author: Konstanz Silverbow

Genre: YA/Fantasy/Romance

Rating: *****

Review: The opening chapter of Missing Royal by Konstanz Silverbow was great, we are introduced to Shanice who is constantly bullied at school, an outcast and she doesn’t know why. We also learn some strange things about her like the fact she hears a mysterious voice in her head and most people believe her to be mad, but in the attitude and reactions of her parents we can see that there is more to this story than it is letting on at this moment in time. Shanice seems very lost and alone but her parents are determined to cheer her up even getting her the day off school as her birthday rolls around. This treatment confuses Shanice but she doesn’t say anything against it, the past treatment she has had from her parents including archery and horse riding lessons make me feel Shanice is being groomed for something we aren’t privy to just yet.

It turns out that Shanice was adopted by the people she believe to be her parents and now she must go home to her real parents but they live in another world; Avonathia and her only friend Valentino is also from there and together they are going home. While Shanice feels confused and hurt somewhere deep down she understands there is no way out and she has no choice but to leave the only place she has called home. As we cross the 1/4 mark in the novel, Shanice is struggling to adjust to her new life and the journey they must take to the castle is already filled with many dangers. Shanice also knows somehow that she may never be able to go back to the life she had. At this point I sympathize greatly with Shanice as she has grown up being different but accepting it but she just can’t wrap her head around the fact she is royalty, which is something most people would struggle with. I like Shanice as a character even though at times she can come across as a little weak but I am sure that will change as the novel progresses.Their travelling companion Javiar doesn’t really get along with Valentino and Shanice has to step between them more than once, but the long journey seems to be taking its tole on all of them.

When they finally arrive and the time comes for Shanice to be presented to her parents and the royal court she is terrified and we quickly realises she isn’t going to take to this new life as easily as everyone expects. She is also sad because Valentino has to treat her different because of who she is and she is determined not to be forced into marriage unless she loves the person. At this point we also see a bit of a love triangle forming between them with Shanice liking Valentino and Javiar liking Shanice, while I usually despise love triangles this one seems different. Javiar warns Shanice to keep her eyes open around Valentino and his constant personality shifts makes me think there is something he is hiding or that there is more to him as a character. Personally out of the two men I prefer Javiar as he is kinder and is only looking out for Shanice and what is best for her.

The longer Shanice is in Avonathia she learns about Mendina who terrorizes the land, she was once a princess like Shanice and now is a monster. Shanice must now meet with the Oracle and learn the location of the other missing royals and she must go alone. Much to my surprise it isn’t Valentino that sees Shanice off but Javiar and he gives her some advice that will surely come in handy on her quest. As we approach the half way mark in the novel, Shanice has reached the Oracle’s mountain and prepares to come face to face with her. After receiving the Oracle’s instructions Shanice heads back to the castle rather than meeting Valentino like planned in order to get Javiar as she feels he is going to be vital for what is to come. Javiar and Shanice become even closer as they learn to truth each other as she slowly finds herself being drawn to him and away from Valentino. While she has not professed love for either man she is drawn to Javiar because they are similar and he tells her things she needs to know whereas Valentino doesn’t, he acts very spoiled and childish at times. As they find the first missing royal, Shanice is torn between doing what is right and what is easy and its similar with Valentino and Javiar. She likes Valentino because she has always known him and its easy to like him, but with Javiar its harder because he feels more human to her.

As the second part of the Oracle’s instructions lie ahead in the forest of the winged, Shanice makes the choice to send Javiar and the found prince back to the castle where they will be safe, I think she does this because of what she has learned about Javiar and his past, filled with lies but also the truth within them. While it remains unspoken you can literally feel the emotions between Javiar and Shanice becoming stronger and stronger by the second and beside her Valentino grows angry and bitter because he feels he has a claim to Shanice although he made it clear earlier in the novel he didn’t “love” her. I also really enjoyed the addition of many fantasy and magical elements in this book as they only seek to advance the characters and highlights their strengths and weaknesses. While Shanice gains the alliance of the winged creatures something about what they told her bothers her greatly but she must find herself in order to defeat Mendina as she will use Shanice’s fears against her.

As Shanice continues on her quest she begins to understand who and what she is and exactly what she means to this world and her place in it. Despite she harbouring feelings for Valentino she is unconsciously distancing herself from him. Shanice’s next step is to break into Mendina’s castle and set free those who have been taken into her darkness and she does this alone. As we approach the 3/4 mark in the novel, Shanice has taken the first major step in destroying Mendina and repairing the damage she has caused throughout the land. At this point Shanice has her first encounter with Mendina and barely manages to escape with her life if it wasn’t for some hastily made allies. After this encounter Shanice can feel herself being drawn into darkness much like Mendina herself but she finds the will to fight it. One by one Shanice locates the missing royals but some like Amber are unable to help for various reasons but she is able to gather information and unlikely allies to aid her in rescuing Krea from Mendina’s clutches. With Valentino’s life hanging in the balance Shanice knows she must waste no time in ending Mendina or she will lose him forever.

After one failed attempt to stop Mendina Shanice summons every ounce of strength within her being to try again and this time she won’t go alone, this time she will succeed for her love. As everything comes full circle the final battle approaches and Shanice along with the other royals seek to use the one power Mendina knows not and finally be free of the evil witch. The last 20 pages of this novel were heart-breaking and beautiful all at once with love found and people lost, the kingdom can finally start to rebuild itself after Mendina but at what cost. Overall, I loved this novel and read it in one sitting, I was so engrossed in the characters and the story. I highly recommend this novel to all fantasy and romance lovers and I can’t wait to get my hands on the sequel as soon as I can.

This book was sent to me for review consideration by the author.

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