Feelings by Garfield Whyte

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Title: Feelings

Author: Garfield Whyte

Genre: Poetry/Photography

Rating: ****

Review: After reading both a memoir and a fictional novel by this author, I wasn’t surprised to find he had written poetry as well. I really like authors that are diverse in what they write, it creates far more interesting reading that sticking to the same genre and the same style of writing. It also require discipline and lots of dedication to do this so I really admire Garfield Whyte for that.

The first four poems in this collection are quit short but get Whyte’s point across perfectly. They evoke feelings of love, longing, desire and passion in equal measures. Reading this words make your heart ache for the person left wanting and loving evermore. The photographs coupled with the poems are perfect and provide a great visual element to the heartfelt words on the page. The first longer poem oscillating was great, it shows the chaos and tranquility of the mind, the daily routine and the rhythm of life itself.

Through the first half of this collection there seems to be a general theme of love and longing as most of the poems center around relationships good and bad, complete and incomplete. These poems are pure emotions, the writer doesn’t hide behind fancy words or images, he bears his soul through the written words and it is truly a wonderful sight to behold.

As I delve deeper into Whyte’s thoughts and emotions I found myself overcome with the desire to hug him and cry for him. The love and pain he expresses are sublime, you literally feel everything he is trying to express in words, his words hold such weight that we the reader can feel them and this for me is what makes great poetry.

My favourite poems in the collection were Adventure, Please stay… Don’t go, Gone and As the sun sets because these poems jumped out at me and struck a cord within me that left me reading them over and over, letting the emotions they evoked wash over me, enveloping me in the most blissful way. I highly recommend this short collection for all poetry lovers and even for someone looking to get into reading poetry. This collection offers the most perfect blend of the environment around us and the emotions we feel at different times in our lives.

This book was sent to me for review consideration by the author

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