Prodigy by Marie Lu

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Title: Prodigy

Author: Marie Lu

Genre: Dystopian/Action/Romance

Rating: ****

Review: The second installment in the Legend Trilogy follows the journey of Day and June, two teenagers who rebelled from the Republic to fight for what they believe in and travel to the military city of Las Vegas to seek assistance from the opposing group, the Patriots.
As they reach Vegas, they are startled by the news that the Elector Primo died and is replaced by Anden, his son. Kaede, a Patriot rebel finds the two and brings them in their headquarters to meet their leader, Razor, or Agent DeSoto for the Republic. Day and June ask for their help to find Eden, Day’s younger brother and to help heal Day’s injured leg brought about by their escape from the Republic. Razor makes a deal with them and tells them about the plan of assassinating the new Elector.

Razor takes advantage of Anden’s liking for June and makes her as a bait for the plot. As part of the plan, Razor sets a trap so that June can be arrested by Thomas, a person who is least likely to harm her. Meanwhile, Day travels to Lamar after getting his leg fixed. June talks with Anden and tells him about the fake assassination plot. She has dinner with him, takes a lie detector test to gain his trust and to prove that she is loyal to the Republic. Anden goes to her room and whispers something about his plans of changing the government for the better, of his plans on releasing Day’s brother and getting his trust and consequently, the people’s trust. Anden steals a kiss from June which Day sees from a video streaming of her prisoner room. Day does not hear their conversation but she sees June’s hand signal, their secret code for stop.

Day executes a fake attack on a train and while on it, he discovers something about the plague. Day finds a boy locked inside a container on one of the train carriages. He tries to help the boy but the soldiers came in quickly. He finds out that the Republic uses the victims of the mutated plague as biological weapons against the Colonies.

On the day of the assassination, June rides on the same train with Anden. Scared that they may be on the track where the Patriots wait, she deviates from the original plan and pretends to faint so as to delay the assassination plot. Agent DeSoto senses that June betrays him, he orders the train to go straight to the track instead of going to the hospital. June shields Anden and escapes with Day. Day asks Tess to come with them as they escape and Tess refuses.

Day gets upset about everything and they have a heated argument about failing the plot of killing the Elector, losing their families, money and losing Tess. After taking a break from each other, June helps Day improve his fighting skills so he can better protect Eden when the time comes. They forgive each other and run away again to prevent getting caught. They reach the Colonies and Day sends June to the hospital as she is feeling worse. Day is welcomed warmly in the Colonies. He sees Kaede and she tells him that Razor works for the Republic’s senators and they want Anden killed to prevent any changes from the government. Kaede informs Day that Anden has survived the attack.

Day, Kaede and June fly to the Republic. Kaede dies from a gunshot but the two continue with their mission. In the Republic, Day gives a speech to let the people know about Anden’s intentions and his plans for better government. The people give their trust to Anden and most of the senators who are involved in the assassination scheme are arrested.

Day is reunited with Eden but a doctor informed him that Eden is slowly dying due to the experimentations done by the Republic. Anden presents an offer for June to become the Princeps or his second in command. June hesitates but Day tells him to accept it. He gives her a ruby necklace and leaves without telling her that he is slowly dying.

The day of the assassination when both June and Day escape the plot. They trust each other blindly and that also adds to their inner struggles. Day and June are really inspiring because they fight for what they believe in.

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  1. TeacherofYA · December 23, 2016

    Loved this series and I am so glad you read it!! (I’m sure you’re done with it by now!)
    You read like I used to: straight through a series. I used to do that but now I kind of break it up a bit because I don’t want to finish it right away bc I love the story world so much lol!
    I hope you like the last book, but I’m sure I’ll find out shortly! 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    • novellover97 · December 23, 2016

      I still have to final book to read right now but I am really loving this


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