The Day My Fart Followed Me to Hockey by Ben Jackson

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Title: The Day my fart followed me to hockey

Author: Ben Jackson

Genre: Children’s/Picture book

Rating: *****

Review: So after reading and loving Little Fart’s Christmas adventure and I back reading another story about Little Fart following Timmy to hockey this time. He is always up to no good. We follow Timmy and his friend as he tries out for the hockey team while Little Fart wants to go, Timmy insists he stays at home which hurts Little Farts’ feelings a little.
Again, as with the Christmas book the artwork is amazing and just draws the eyes and compliments the beautiful writing. Timmy is a more prominent character in this book. But at one point he is quite mean to Little Fart but his friend only wants to help and make Timmy feel more confident in his skills.

But eventually with Little Fart’s help Timmy relaxes and enjoys the experience and he does make the team, which makes him and Little Fart happy. Timmy does apologize to his friends and all is well once again.

I loved the friendship between Timmy and Little Fart and even though they have arguments and disagreements they always make up in the end. Little Fart is always there to support his friend even when he doesn’t realize he needs the help.

Once again, I loved Ben Jackson’s writing and the ways he identifies with children and gives them simple solutions to what they would consider big problems like having a lack of confidence in their own skills and abilities.

I highly recommend this book to all, especially people with young children. If you enjoyed this review, please be sure to check out my review of The Day my fart followed Santa up the chimney which is a great Christmas story (it’s linked below).

This book was sent to me for review consideration by the author

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Kindle Edition:

Also see: The Day my fart followed Santa up the chimney by Ben Jackson


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