Children of Eden Book Tour

So I attending my first ever book signing on 20/11/16 in Cardiff, where I got to meet Joey Graceffa – the YouTube star. I arrived at the event an hour before the event was due to start at 10:30am GMT. The line stretched around the store and down the opposing street. I was extremely surprised at this as I was expecting it to be a smaller event to ones I had attending previously i.e. book talks.


This picture was taken well after an hour of waiting. The line did move surprising quickly but that was due to the event. It didn’t really offer much other than a pre-signed copy of the book and a selfie with the author. When I finally got to the door it was clearly to see the inside was absolutely ramped with eager and practically fainting teenage girls.


Once inside I did chat to a few people there some had heard of the book but not the authors and vice versa. I know of Joey through Shane Dawson’s YouTube channel and I find them book hilarious but their autobiographical books were a completely let down. So when I heard that Joey had written a fictional novel I was intrigued and was willing to give his writing another go. So after waiting around 2 hours I finally got to meet the man himself.


As you can tell from the photo I was extremely pleased to be meeting Joey. He was amazing to chat to and his accent was to die for as well as being dressed amazingly well with perfect hair as always. After a quick chat about the book and my blogging I was told to move along as a ton of people were still waiting for their turn. I can honestly say I was a little starstruck by Joey Graceffa.



So on my out of the store I was handed my copy of Children of Eden which I am really excited to be reading very, very soon so keep your eyes peeled for my review of this.



  1. TeacherofYA · December 2, 2016

    I checked this book out from the library. I’m not familiar with the author but I liked the blurb. Who is this guy, anyway? Is he famous in the UK? I saw Waterstones and I know that is a store over there, so I was thinking maybe he was a Brit star?


    • novellover97 · December 2, 2016

      no he’s an american youtube star does a lot of videos with Shane Dawson you should check him out he’s quite funny also has the best accent ever.

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