Human Caused Global Warming: The Biggest Deception in History by Dr. Tim Ball

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Title: Human Caused Global Warming – The biggest deception in history

Author: Dr. Tim Ball

Genre: Non-fiction/Science/Climate

Rating: ****

Review: In his preface of Human Caused Global Warming, the author Dr. Ball sets out what he is going to explain throughout the book. This is the “who, what, when, why and how” of the Global Warming deception.

Also in the preface Dr. Ball talks, briefly about the harrowing repercussions he has personally faced for exposing the Global Warming deception these include law suits and death threats. One of the very first things I noticed while flicking through the book is that Dr. Ball uses many images and diagrams to illustrate his points. This is a huge help as many “ordinary” people like myself find that images and diagrams make it easier to understand the scientific explanations. As such, this handy book is made more accessible to “ordinary” people rather than just being for those in the scientific community – like so many other books on this complex, debated topic.

Dr. Ball explains how the anthropogenic global warming (AGW) hypothesis was introduced. He explains how the data put forward by the global-warmers is not independently and fairly checked before being fed to the public. When it is independently checked, the evidence presented is poor or unfactual. Dr. Ball explains that despite this the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) covers this up because it is designed to support a prior political/social agenda propelled by a secretive elite group of globalists to advance their aim to control all the wealth and people of the entire planet.

In 2009, over 6000 emails were hacked from the CRU and then released to the public during the 2009 Climategate scandal which exposed how unethical these scientists are and how their agenda based on Global Warming was crumbling due to there being no warming. Climategate was about the fake temperature records that the CRU and GISS produced, and the IPCC deception is tied very much to Britain’s Climatic Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia.

In the ‘Why’ chapter Dr. Ball discusses what is ‘normal’ climate and weather for different regions. One example he gives is the Arctic ice cap. In July of this year it was reported that 29,000 square metres of ice is lost every day; now most would think this sounds like an extremely alarming figure, if it is true. However, Dr. Ball puts this into context when he shows that on average, the Arctic loses 26,627 square metres of ice per day in its brief summer. Some years it is more, some it is less. So, it isn’t really an alarming figure at all, it is relatively normal. Dr. Ball also talks about the climate records – if you look at the amount of time the records have been around (only 120 years) and how long the Earth has been around (4.5 billion years), the sample size they used equates to only 0.000002% of Earth’s history. This is an extremely small figure in the grand scheme of things. Also, when I look at the temperature records the trend between temperature and C02 levels in the atmosphere are at odds with the evidence. The truth is that when the temperature rises, CO2 decreased and vice versa. Therefore, rising CO2 is not linked to any warming periods in history and thus, it cannot be the cause of global warming as Dr. Ball explains.

In the next section entitled Paradigm Shift: Environmentalism I was a bit thrown off by what these terms meant as I had not heard of them before. To clarify for non-scientific readers, a ‘paradigm shift’ is when the usual and accepted way of doing things or thinking about something changes completely. ‘Environmentalism’ means an enhanced sense of care for the planet and the long-term survival of life on Earth. But for most so-called ‘environmentalists’ their beliefs are seldom based on proven science, but more so on emotive feel-good beliefs. They try to force their observations to conform to their beliefs or they fudge and fake results to achieve this. This is against science.

Environmentalism as a movement is supposed to mean recognizing the planet’s environmental problems and coming up with policy solutions that may put them right.

Dr. Ball examines the paradigm shift over environmentalism and how certain groups have used this to exploit a moral high ground demanding evermore sacrifices in our lifestyles even though many “ordinary” people are well attuned to the basics of “being green.” I also like the fact that he addressed extremism in environmentalism by exposing how some of these views are so absurd that even someone with no scientific knowledge can work out something isn’t right with what is being said and/or being done. This is known as ‘Big Green’ propaganda.

Another key approach of Dr. Ball’s is that he not only breaks down the science to manageable levels, but he also shows how closely science and politics are linked – and it is much closer than you might suspect!

In the following section entitled ‘Moving the Goalposts’ Dr. Ball explains how the origins of the so called global warming threat was started in earnest in 1988 by James Hansen of NASA’s Goddard Institute of Space Studies (GISS). Although many of us will know that the Global Warming threat was unwittingly started by PM Thatcher when she wanted a reason to justify nuclear energy so thee UK was not so reliant on coal unions who were blackmailing the country and to have a nuclear deterrent to Russia. Hansen and others created a theory that increasing CO2 increased global temperatures. This contradicted the evidence that proved the opposite as CO2 levels increased the global temperature decreased! What Hansen’s theory shows is that even when temperatures are cooling, Hansen GISS and others insist cooling equates to warming – a sort of Orwellian ‘1984’ doublespeak. Because temperatures stopped rising about 20 years ago, they decided to rename global warming “climate change” because everyone knows that the climate changes naturally all the time so they could not be caught out on that like they were on the term ‘Global Warming’. But once people realised the climate naturally changes over time they renamed global warming yet again. This time they coined the phrase ‘climate disruption’ and they put these so-called ‘abnormal’ changes in the climate down to humans rather than to the natural fluctuation of global climate.

One of the main reasons these absurd theories have been accepted for so long with minimal questioning has been down to the fact that most people have a lack of knowledge about climate and the history of how Global Warming came to be.

It is well known that the Earth goes through periods of warming and cooling. The cool periods resulted in Ice Ages and the warmer periods allowed all life including human life to be sustainable for extended periods of time. Despite the claims that we are in one of the warmest periods to date Dr. Ball shows this is false and the Earth is now moving into a cooling period due to the Sun’s sunspot cycle becoming so dormant.

One element of Dr. Ball’s writing that stood out to me was the fact he takes some key statement from and about the IPCC and absolutely decimates them with simple scientific facts. Thus, Dr. Ball succeeds in blowing everything the IPCC stands for out of the water. In fact, as a whistle-blower on the climate scam, Dr. Ball has been victimized for performing an invaluable public service. He and other brave scientists who expose the falsehoods of the climate Nazis are persecuted by left wing governments and universities who have political and financial motives to do so. This is outrageous considering a key element of the scientific method is to act with sceptism about all new research. If the peer review system was to be maintained as vigorous and healthy then honest researchers would want to have it pointed out to then that there are flaws in their theories. However, it is made all too clear in this book that organisations like the IPCC have trampled all over this. It is shown by the evidence that Dr. Ball lays out that fraudulent data will be widely accepted if it’s in an organisation’s self-interests or pre-existing political agenda.

I also loved the cartoons Dr. Ball uses to illustrate key complex scientific points in an easy and fun way so that both scientists and layperson can understand the argument being put forth. These visual aids helped a lot in my case.

Despite the generally easy explanations, one area I did fail to grasp fully was the computer modelling aspect that the IPCC uses to collect and correlate the worldwide data. I did manage to grasp the jist of the points Dr. Ball is trying to project, but I felt the explanation was lacking some clarity especially for someone like myself that has minimal knowledge of scientific processes.

Dr. Ball helped me form in my mind what it was to be a climate ‘Sceptic’ and/or ‘denier’ and why this up swelling of dissent came about. It’s all thanks to the corrupt nature of the IPCC and its supporters. These ‘deniers’ who should be called ‘climate realists’ are not met with civilised and intellectual discussion but rather hate, lawsuits, loss of their jobs, and in some cases threats of imprisonment and death, simply for wanting to discuss factual science.

Refreshingly, this most informative book is very carefully crafted to ensure that each chapter is short and straight to the point. This means people who aren’t scientifically minded – like myself – aren’t overwhelmed by technical information. Dr. Ball does so well in providing reading material that can easily be digested and understood – even the complex points of the IPCC deceptions, which I was expecting to be very complex.

I was impressed at how Dr. Ball exposed the misinformation about severe weather events like hurricanes. Most of us non-scientists are easily taken in when so-called ‘experts’ trott out in the mainstream media that they want us to believe – that is that severe weather systems are becoming more frequent when the opposite is the case. There is just more media coverage today. The term ‘wild weather’ was used by the media for normal events to promote Global Warming, but since so many people objected to normal weather events being wrongly projected as abnormal, they have been forced to stop using this term.

Dr. Ball shows what is actually happening: it is that the typically alarmist mainstream media that is reporting even minor category 1 hurricanes which only cause minor damages as severe. This is even when they so rarely cause loss of life. But due to the media’s increasing reports on “severe” weather we are led to believe hurricanes are becoming more frequent when this is false.

It seems that the key to all the misinformation and deception lies with the IPCC and the globalists who direct them and nearly all the major media outlets. The IPCC has been very skilful in making the uncertainty in the minds of pro-global warming scientists appear as if they had certainty. This is a smoke and mirrors illusions for the bulk of the population that is scientifically illiterate. It is especially the case when it comes to the Greenhouse Effect and Greenhouse Gases (GHG) that Dr. Ball exposes. This GHG effect in the IPCC hypothesis can be shown to be fundamentally flawed by the fact one of the three main ‘greenhouse gases’ is water vapour which is responsible for a staggering 95% of the retained heat in the atmosphere. The tiny amount of CO2 in the atmosphere makes up a microscopic 0.04%. And of that only a very tiny amount (3%) is created by humans: 97% is created by nature. This means that humans produce only a mere 0.000001% of CO2 in the atmosphere! The human proportion is so incredibly trivial that it is beyond comprehension as to how this little tail wags the huge climate dog.

When Dr. Ball begins to talk about scientists changing data to fit their hypothesis, the first thing he mentions is the inadequate amount of weather stations and how inaccurately they are used by today’s scientific climate community. When talking about the weather stations Dr. Ball also talks about how the stations are spread out and how stations that do exist often fail to report. Dr. Ball uses an excellent image for describing this data manipulation in which a child is trying to fit a circle puzzle piece into a triangular hole and does so by hammering it in rather than finding the correct piece or “data” to fit the hole “hypothesis”. When altering data, the agencies responsible have also tampered with historical data thus allowing the new data to “fit” their temperature curve and correlate with their own political agendas. Agencies in New Zealand have had lawsuits brought against them resulting in the “job” being passed on to another corrupt agency.

Dr. Ball talks extensively about the “hockey stick” graph and Michael E. Mann with whom he is currently engaged in a lawsuit over climate fraud by Mann. One key issue raised is that when Mann’s finding where confronted he refused to turn over his original data and findings, meaning he obviously had something to hide about his hypothesis. This is sadly a trend among so-called scientists involved with Climate Change and Global Warming.

Dr. Ball rightly warns us to be wary of scientists who hide their data and refuse to reveal their original findings which serves to make any meaningful form of peer review or fact-checking impossible – unless you are in the inner sanctum where peer review becomes “pal review.”

Dr. Ball shows how government experts ignore inconveniently unhelpful outside climate-changing factors to their global warming theory – such as sunspots. A sunspot is a spot or patch that appears from time to time on the sun’s surface, appearing dark by contrast with its surroundings. Sunspots are caused by the Sun’s magnetic field emanating above the surface. The number and size of sunspots reveal changes in the Sun’s magnetic field and how much solar wind radiation reaches the Earth. By ignoring such telling evidence, the IPCC are chalking up completely natural changes in global temperatures down to humans. Their ultimate stated goal is to “rectify” so-called human-induced climate change by eradicating our use of hydrocarbon energy (“fossil fuels” like oil, gas, coal) literally the greatest gift nature has given to humanity due to the enormous amount of energy that fossil fuels deliver. No other form of energy can produce anywhere near it this and what’s more fossil fuels are easy to carry around.

As Dr. Balls draws the ‘why’ section to a close in preparation for the ‘Who’ chapters I did notice several typographical errors like repeated words i.e “became became” but these are sparse and relatively minor. I also noticed that several points are repeated in several chapters for example, the fact that Climate Change bodies focuses on CO2 and ignores all the H20 in the atmosphere which is the major greenhouse gas by a mile. I understand Dr. Ball wanting to reinforce this point but I felt personally that I was reading it too many times.

As we venture into the ‘Who’ section we learn about specific people involved in the creation of the myths of Global Warming, The Greenhouse Gas Theory, and Climate Change. Some of these people which have been named like Al Gore and Michael E. Mann. In the opening chapter to the ‘Who’ section, Dr. Ball tells you the type of people that control the climate change deception, all of whom are extremely rich and have something to gain whether financial or political from supporting and promoting the lie. George Soros is one of the globalists major promoters. There are many naïve Hollywood actors like Leonardo DiCaprio, George Clooney and Meryl Streep and many others that are quite vocal about their support, which was a surprise to me. Dr. Ball even likens these people to a “small” group of Nazis who using their own power and influence to oppress and control the masses. Dr. Ball goes on to talk about some key individuals in more details.

The first-person Dr. Ball talks about is Maurice Strong who, in 1966, became the head of the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA). His work lead him to be asked to organize the first Earth Summit in 1972, which propelled him to new heights as he was made the director of the UN Environment Program (UNEP).

By propelling himself to new financial and political heights Strong is shown to have essentially crippled one of Canada’s wealthiest provinces having almost no consideration for the people living there or the environment but seemingly more about himself and his own goals.

Another person Dr. Ball mentions is John Holdren, who was President Obama’s head of Science and Technology Policy. He has used his position within the White House to pursue his own goals under the blanket of Global Warming.

Holdren in a book he co-authored in 1977 projected some very disturbing ideas. For example, he proposed that undesirables should be sterilized, this is a primary goal of the Globalists which include Bill Gates and Warren Buffet is to reduce the wold’s 7 billion people to a mere 500 million. – all very similar to the Nazi’s eugenics programme. Sure, he has since recanted this but it was still said and certainly meant.

The finally key character is Al Gore. Gore has one of the highest profiles on the global warming issue which he has used a vehicle to further his financial fortunes. Gore has shown time and time again how little he knows on the global warming issue and this was further shown when he shared a Nobel Peace Prize with the IPCC. They disagreed greatly on sea level rises.

Gore’s propaganda film ‘The Inconvenient Truth’ also has been under UK courtroom scrutiny when the Department of Education sought to enforce all schools should show this film. A high court judge ultimately ruled that the film was driven by political imperatives rather than science and therefore, it shouldn’t be forced on schoolchildren. The judge identified nine significant scientific errors in the film, which Gore has never corrected. The final thought I am left with after finishing this section is: are these the kind of people we want in control of our lives, directly or indirectly? I think not.

In the ‘What’ section, we learn of the underlying motivation for the global warming deception and that is over-population, these scientists would have you believe that if there are more people worldwide then there will be more CO2. Resources will be used up and will be unsustainable. Dr. Ball talks about Thomas Malthus who believes that the “poor laws” should be revoked as they encourage people to breed which he saw as a bad thing, but he also heavily influenced Darwin’s work especially on his theory of evolution. As Dr. Ball delves deeper into the “overpopulation” problem we learn that humans only occupy 3% of the Earth’s land surface – all human development worldwide would fit inside Australia. This means that most of the world is open natural spaces and not developed. The rich promote these deceptions and use statements about children dying of starvation to play on human emotions. We, the public, are thereby duped and while this isn’t illegal it is most certainly immoral. I fear these people who we hear from every day. We take their statements as truth when they have been deceiving us for decades.

The final section of this book is the ‘How’ section, in which Dr. Ball talks about how these people use fear and deceit to control us and enhance their power. For example, Maurice Strong stated he didn’t need to become a politician because as leader of the UNEP, he was able to acquire money easily. In his position, he was able to control and impose the globalists’ agenda.

Elaine Dewar author of ‘Cloak of Green’ described Maurice Strong as using the UN as a platform to sell a global environment crisis and the Global Governance Agenda. Dewar hits the nail on the head about this individual. One thing Dr. Ball does point out is that it’s impossible to quantify the very small human effect on the climate until we know the amount and cause of natural climate change – which we do not. Dr. Ball goes on to discuss the structure of the IPCC itself and how so few (2,500 bureaucrats) managed to fool so many for so long.

Dr. Ball draws the book to a close without feeding the reader a conclusion – rather he gives us final notes. Like a good lecturer to a hall of students, he is leaving room for us the readers to comment on everything discussed within. He also refers to his other book ‘The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science’ for those who like to delve deeper into certain issues raised in his new book.

Overall, I found this book very informative despite one or two sections that were somewhat difficult or unclear for a non-scientific reader like myself. I would recommend this book to all interested in this topic who seek to discover the truth about a huge government deception continuing routinely in our everyday lives. But we can be encouraged that many more people are aware of this huge con due to people like Dr. Ball. We should also be aware that polls across many countries place Climate Change at the very bottom of 22 other concerns that people have.

This book was sent to me for review consideration by the author

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  1. TeacherofYA · November 14, 2016

    Finally! Someone that can see through the myth! I’ve been against the idea for awhile now and been called a Climate Change Denier! So proud to see someone else investigating it! 👏👏👏👍👍👍


    • novellover97 · November 14, 2016

      Great. I am currently reading The Corruption of Climate Science by Dr. Tim Ball and if you are looking for a good website to follow on this subject try PSI or Principia Scientific International

      Liked by 1 person

      • TeacherofYA · November 14, 2016

        Thanks for the info! My mom suggests you read Global Warming for Dummies…apparently that book throws the door open on the whole conspiracy of “climate change.” But I’ll look into the book you recommended. I try to keep my opinion on it quiet because a lot of people think you’re stupid when you don’t agree with everyone else.
        Someone told me that 98% of scientists agree…I was like, where did you hear that? I dint believe that statistic because most scientists don’t ever agree with each other! Lol! 😂

        Liked by 1 person

      • novellover97 · November 14, 2016

        Yes I am part of a climate change denier group that debunk a lot of the “settled science” out there. Tim Ball is amazing on this subject. Also check out slaying the sky dragon which is another great book on this subject I have already reviewed and did an interview with some of the authors.

        Liked by 1 person

      • TeacherofYA · November 14, 2016

        Ooh, that one sounds pretty interesting! Thanks for sharing! Can’t wait to check this info out! 😊👍

        Liked by 1 person

      • novellover97 · November 14, 2016

        no trouble they are a great time of scientists and lay person from all over the world dedicated the sharing the truth about climate change and global warming.


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  4. Pete Ridley · January 25, 2017

    Hi Novellover97/Jodie,

    I came across your reviews while looking into reviewers of the booklet “Why it’s not carbon dioxide after all” by multi-talented Australian businessman Doug Cotton, of whom you said in your 1-star review ” .. Mr Cotton is regarded among sceptics of climate change as a true nut job. Even denier cranks like Roy Spencer and Anthony Watts, call Cotton out for his junk science pet theory .. ” (

    That comment from someone who mainly reviews novels is very interesting, as are your much more favourable reviews for:
    – the cobbled collection of blog articles “Slaying the sky dragon”, project managed by John O’Sullivan, the self-styled CEO and Acting Legal Consultant of his Principia Scientific International (PSI) blog,
    – “Human Caused Global Warming” ( by ex-“chairman” of the PSI blog, Tim Ball.

    It strikes me that these are not your usual type of reading material and appear to be way outside your area of expertise. You said that you are part of a climate change denier group and I wonder if that might be the PSI blog which I understand John to be once again operating from South Wales. I wonder what it was that drew your attention to this topic and those books. Were you influenced by someone from the PSI blog – John himself perhaps?

    I found your “interview” with John, Hans (the PSI blog’s “CFO) and Derek amusing, particularly John’s ludicrous claims about ” .. being the first body of scientists to successfully refute the cornerstone of global warming fears .. carbon dioxide (CO2) is proven to only cool .. we are champions of applied science .. thanks to our persistence, NASA and the universities still promoting ‘greenhouse gas’ science now admit they rely on a fudged flat-earth, simplistic model of the earth .. ” (

    As I commented 3 years ago on the PSI blog ” .. it is prudent to never accepted on face value any of his claims. He frequently boasts about the cobbled collection of blog articles that he co-ordinated and had published under the title ‘Slaying the Sky dragon”. Rather than taking the scientific world by storm it has been scorned not only by supporters of the Catastrophic Anthropogenic Climate Change (CACC) hypothesis but even by respected scientists and others who reject the hypothesis .. “.


    • novellover97 · January 25, 2017

      Hi Pete, I use my blog to relax as I come from a family of chemists, my husband also holds a PHD in physical chemistry. It is my father who reads the PSI website and I am just expressing my opinions of the source material with additional feedback from members of my family.


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