The Siren By Kiera Cass

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Title: The Siren

Author: Kiera Cass

Genre: Fantasy/YA/Romance

Rating: ***

Review: The Siren is a story about a young girl, Kahlen, who was able to escape her terrible fate of dying from a shipwreck by answering to the call of the Ocean. When she was asked if she would do anything to live and she replied yes, she was brought back to land by three beautiful women who tell her of her new destiny which is serving the Ocean by being a siren for a hundred years. Kahlen successfully lived up to the expectations of the Ocean for 80 years and has not failed but however everything changed when she meets Akinli. A human boy who saw her not for her Ocean-given beauty (if that made sense) but for the human that was still deep inside her. However, no matter how much Kahlen wants to have a relationship with Akinli, she just couldn’t. Considering the fact that if she accidentally slipped a sound from her lips Akinli would die, and the idea that sirens don’t age or even get harmed by anything. After 80 years of serving the Ocean she decided that things would go her way this time.

Now to clear this up in case anyone thought of the same thing as I did— A SIREN IS DIFFERENT FROM A MERMAID. A siren takes a form of a human but has a deadly voice and by deadly I mean she possesses a sweet and melodic voice but once you hear her sing you would want to hurl yourself down to the ocean and drown and die; it’s basically the cause of shipwrecks. The sirens from Homer’s Odyssey would be the best book to give you an idea about them. So kids, in case you see this book with a pretty girl wearing a pretty dress and she’s standing next to an ocean… this is not a mermaid story, don’t worry I got disappointed about that too.

The fans asked Kiera Cass to write more however they asked for a story that goes outside of the Selection world. Cass decided, or was rather given the chance, to rewrite The Siren which is actually her first book. It was first originally published in July 2009.

You would definitely classify this book as a romance novel, as the summary at the back gives you an idea about Kahlen and Akinli and their impossible romantic relationship. However, if in case you still have a hang over from The Selection, this book might disappoint you. The Siren didn’t show much of Kahlen and Akinli. It gave you a few chapters of their moments together but most of the time, Kahlen (who was the narrator of the story) was just with her sisters or fellow sirens, Elizabeth, Miaka and Padma. She was narrating mostly about how their lives are, how Kahlen is coping from the guilt she’s feeling from the deaths she’s responsible of, or how she feels so cornered with the possessiveness of the Ocean and so and so.

Very little scenes that include her and Akinli. If we are to include Akinli in the picture, it’s most just Kahlen missing him because she couldn’t will herself to meet him again or that she’s afraid of accidentally harming him which she did. It’s more of a family kind of story with a side of romance. Not the other way around because Kahlen was mostly with her sisters than Akinli.

But maybe we can consider the fact that Kahlen and Akinli’s situation is difficult although Cass gave us the idea that Kahlen would take the risk to fall in love with this beautiful human being and maybe live a life that she would have if she was not a siren. But the thing is, that risk taking part only happened like twice or thrice! And the rest is just missing or thinking about Akinli!

It was kind of dragging especially if you are expecting it to be as romantic as The Selection, but I’m sorry it wasn’t. However there are some good points to it. Putting the romance aside, the values that it teaches about family are notable.

It shows how even when you are stubborn at times, or how difficult you can get, or how you would disappoint someone they– your family– would always end up forgiving you because at the end of the day, your family can never un-love you. It also talks about how they can go to the farthest lengths just to give you what’s best for you even if it means ending things with a sacrifice.

How loving someone can make you giddy with joy, can inspire you but can also be the reason of your destruction and damage.

The Siren ended nicely and by that I meant they had a happy ending but not the Disney kind of happily ever after. It’s the kind that promises that after this happy event, more things are bound happen afterwards whether it may be bad or good; it reminds the readers about the idea that life goes on after you had what you wanted.

Aside from that the few chapters before the epilogue where Akinli was suffering a lethal illness he got from hearing Kahlen’s voice and the struggle to find a cure and keep them both alive will have your heart racing, have your jaw dropping and keep you at the edge of your seats. It was, in my opinion, the best part the story (at the very least).

Bottomline: Don’t read this book unless you have completely gotten over the fluffiness of The Selection because this book is far from that. It’s WAAAAAAAAY far from the romance between America and Maxon and Kahlen and Akinli. If you appreciate less romance and more family values then this book this for you.

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  1. TeacherofYA · November 11, 2016

    I actually loved this book, but I’m a sucker for doomed romance in fantasy stories! And I love the mythology! 😉


    • novellover97 · November 11, 2016

      I picked it up because I love mythology but I didn’t like it – I felt other series like the Goddess Test did the mythology thing 100x better

      Liked by 1 person

      • TeacherofYA · November 12, 2016

        Oh I loved the Goddess Test…try Halo by Allessandra Adornetto!! You might like that series! There’s other ones I’ve read too about mythology in general that I can’t think of right now, but I like the angels/demons duality too.
        But yes, Goddess Test was good!


      • novellover97 · November 12, 2016

        I have the Halo series ready to read

        Liked by 1 person

      • TeacherofYA · November 13, 2016

        Yes! Let me know what you think!


      • novellover97 · November 13, 2016

        I will


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