Wither by Lauren DeStefano

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Title: Wither

Author: Lauren DeStefano

Genre: Romance/Dystopian/Medical

Rating: ****

Review: The story begins with Rhine, a girl, being kidnapped to become a bride. We are introduced to the near future on Earth, where scientists have developed a cure for most diseases found on our planet. As people took this cure, they were happy and healthy and had children. Unfortunately, an unknown virus happened because of this treatment – all of their children would only live to see 20 years for females, and 25 for males. Because of this, the world is split into young people and ‘First Generations’, the people who had these children and are not yet affected by the virus, thus living longer.

Young women are basically kidnapped for breeding, as now people have a fear of dying out. Rhine is kidnapped along several other girls and arrives at a huge mansion to be married to Linden. She comes there along with a younger redhead called Cecily, as well as older brunette and beautiful Jenna.

They are introduced to several people, including the House Master Vaughn, Linden’s father and a very threatening figure. We also meet Rose, Linden’s first wife, who is dying of the virus.

Rhine is a very beautiful girl, chosen specifically because of her eyes – she has heterochromia, making one of her eyes a different color. She detests being a prisoner and plots to escape, however she does make friends with all of the girls in the house. Rose tells her many things before finally succumbing to the virus.

Linden is kept completely in the dark by his father and does not even know his brides were kidnapped. He loves Rhine the most, but continues to have relations with both Jenna and Cecily, which end in Cecily bearing a child, despite being only 13.

Rhine wants to reunite with her brother, Rowan, and solve the mystery of the virus, which her parents – scientists, were already doing before their death. She plans her escape with the help of a servant, Gabriel.

It was written incredibly well, thought provoking and emotional.

I cannot possibly choose one, but I loved all of the scenes in the house, where the girls were pampered in every way possible, though there was always an ominous tone present.
Rhine was great, and I would not change a thing about her. I loved her willfulness.

Buy it here:

Paperback: amazon.co.uk

Kindle Edition: amazon.co.uk


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