My Second Life by Faye Bird

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Title: My Second Life

Author: Faye Bird

Genre: Contemporary/YA

Rating: ***

Review: What intrigued me most about My Second Life was that the main character, Ana, remembers her past life. She’s been reincarnated but remembers her previous life and in this book starts to remember something awful that she did. Reincarnation is fascinating to me and I have read a lot of articles and watched a lot of shows about kids that remember a previous life. There are people out there who interview them and check facts, etc and they see that these kids know things they wouldn’t know if they weren’t reincarnated. Of course some people find excuses about how they might know, but to me it’s clear. So anyway, without getting into my own belief system… I just knew that this book was one I definitely wanted to read and I believed going in that Ana was reincarnated into this life because she needed to make something right.

Ana wasn’t a character I can say I connected with really. I didn’t love her character or understand her motivations all that well. But because of the nature of the story it was something I could look past. I did like how it ended and was happy with how Ana grew as a character and that growth was important for the story.

The plot of this is the most interesting. Figuring out what Ana remembers and watching as she pieces it together. As she goes to those from her ‘first’ life to get answers. Her interactions were pretty realistic and I connected with that. I was grateful that she had enough memories to be able to convince people she was reincarnated as Ana. While people still had their share of doubts and struggled to believe, they couldn’t dismiss Ana because she knew too many details.

This doesn’t really read as a mystery but there are mysteries that Ana needs to figure out. She wants to know how this other girl died and how she was involved. She remembers some things, but not all. She’s wracked with guilt. She can’t even function in her life regularly because she needs to know. This was done realistically, I can see how someone remembering just bits and pieces and knows they are at least partially responsible for a death would be hard to live with.

As things got pieced together I saw the full picture long before Ana did. I may have enjoyed a ‘big reveal’ style a little better but this worked okay too. It was just the nature of the style of the story and it worked. And it was a lot about Ana finding peace from her first life and accepting her second life. Putting aside the memories from before and accepting her mum now, etc. These interactions were done really well as Ana finds her answers.
I really loved the reincarnation aspect as well as her family connections and accepting her life now. The romance was a little blah but it was very secondary and while Ana didn’t wow me I was okay with her. It was a decent read and definitely one worth looking into if you enjoy reincarnation stories.

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