Button Nose the sad little Bear by Gina LoBiondo

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Title: Button Nose the sad little Bear

Author: Gina LoBiondo

Genre: Children’s/Picture

Rating: *****

Review: As this is a children’s book this review will be slightly shorter than my other reviews. As you gather from the title Button Nose is a stuffed bear who doesn’t have a lot of luck. When he was made he waited a long time before being bought for a little girl who loved him and he grew to love in return. As she gets older and no longer plays with the bear he is sold numerous times to different owner including a toy collector but he is never happy and never forgets the little girl who loved him so much.

After being sold for a third time Button Nose begins to hope of seeing his friend again and doesn’t know where he is going. Only when he arrives and his new owner picks him up he is given quite a shock as it is his little girl all grown up. They found each other again and Button Nose isn’t sad anymore. Now returned home Button Nose is given his old family back as well as some new stuffed friends so he will never be alone or sad anymore.

I found the pace of this book was good and flowed very easily making it a delightful and quick read for young children with short attention spans. I really enjoyed the pictures at the end and learning that every single characters in the book including Button Nose is actually real. I was fascinated the ease and rapt attention I gave this book and it brought back many nostalgic feelings for me. Like Genie I have a stuffed toy – a rabbit – that I have had since the day I was born and I can’t imagine selling or losing him. I can just imagine to relief and joy Genie felt in finding her best friend again.

Overall this book was a short, beautiful read reminding us of the little wonderful things we can find in life if we only looked hard enough in the same manner Genie did for Button Nose. I feel this book would appeal to children, teens and adults alike and I highly recommend you pick it up whether as a bedtime story for children or a nostalgic read for yourself.

This book was sent to me for review consideration by the author

Buy it here:

Paperback: Amazon.co.uk               Amazon.com


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