Firelight by Sophie Jordan

Book Reviewfirelight

Title: Firelight

Author: Sophie Jordan

Genre: Fantasy/Romance/Paranormal

Rating: ****

Review: This story is about a girl and her community that is able to transform from dragons to people and she tries to figure out her true self while trying to fit in the world of both humans and dragons while fleeing the threat of dragons. Jacinda is a teenage girl that is in an awkward position because she is the only fire breathing dragon in a pride of people that have the ability to manifest themselves as dragons. The awkwardness comes in because her mother is long past the age of manifestation while her sister does not have the ability to manifest herself. In this situation, the tribe pairs her with Cassian who is obviously set to rule the pride when the time comes and their match would be the best to provide future fire breathing dragons. She and her friend fly out in the daylight one day and they are pursued by hunters. She encounters a near death experience with a hunter named Will. She is in serious trouble because of attracting the hunters and disobeying pride laws by flying in the daytime.

Her mother and sister take Jacinda and flee to Arizona because Jacinda was to have her wings clipped. Tamra and Jacinda are enrolled into a school there where Tamra who is the closest to being human has the easiest time fitting in. it so happens that Will, the hunter is also a student at the school and immediately becomes infatuated with her when she joins the school. A girl trying to get Will’s attention is not successful because it seems he is fixated on Jacinda. She decides to take it out in Tamra. Jacinda starts flying at night because it is the only way she reveals her true self in the human world. On the way home she meets Will and runs from him unintentionally injuring herself. Will insists on giving her his shirt to stop the blood and she obliges but realizes she forgot the shirt in his car which could be risky. Will might see the Draki blood and realize she is not human.

She goes to his house during a barbecue to retrieve the shirt but almost gets caught by Xander when he sees her with the shirt with purple blood. Instead of thinking she might not be human, Xander assumes Will is hunting solo. She learns that a transfusion of blood saved Will as a child when he had cancer and grows more fonder of him irrespective of whether he was a hunter. During a date with Will they go along with Tamra and Xander to monitor things and are intercepted by Cassian. He almost kills Will but Jacinda transforms and saves him. Jacinda, and her sister leave with Cassian and he pledges that he will protect her from further punishment. I liked the story because it was an insight on how different or magical people can try to fit into the human society or have problems of self perception just like normal people.

I liked the scene in Chapter 17 when Jacinda is having pizza with her family and returns a movie to a store nearby when she is dragged into an alley, when she finds out it is Cassian and he wants to take her back to the pride she refuses even though she misses it a lot. It just shows that she does not like to be told what to do. I liked that the main character, Jacinda was bold enough to reject whatever plan was set in motion that dictated her life even if it was for her own good. She was quite stubborn in a good way.

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  3. TeacherofYA · September 18, 2016

    You get pretty specific in your reviews…do you do any spoiler free versions? I see so much detail that I’m afraid of reading too much and then knowing the ending. Unless there’s a lot more that happens from where the review leaves off?
    This sounds interesting! I want to check it out!


    • novellover97 · September 19, 2016

      I’d do pretty detailed review because I feel like I am not doing the book justice with a spoiler free review and personally I like reviews with some spoilers because their is always more to read. The only time I specifically do a spoiler free review is if a publisher or author requests one. Firelight was a great trilogy that I read completely in less than 3 days.


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