Assaulted Souls 2 by William Blackwell

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Title: Assaulted Souls 2

Author: William Blackwell

Genre: Apocalyptic/Survival

Rating: ****

Review: After the events of the first book I was practically desperate to read the second book mainly to find out what happened to Velvet and Nathan after their rescue. The blurb on this book kind of changed from the apocalyptic survival book to more a zombie/mutant story which at first I wasn’t keen on but the mysterious conversation in the prologue really piqued my attention. We re-join Nathan after his rescue finding out he has been quarantined away from Velvet to make sure neither of them have contracted the virus – responsible for the Neanderthals murderous rages – or have any side effects from the radiation. I have a feeling this District 101 isn’t going to be a great as it may first appear.

I enjoyed reading the chapter from Doctor Imes’ point of view as it provides some vital insight into the situation Nathan and Velvet are unknowingly in, it also provides a view of what could come to pass but whether it will is still unknown. Nathan and Velvet are currently lab rats for a government experiment subjects 07 and 08. We also learn what happens to previous test subjects and why the government are running these trails. We bounce between two stories between Nathan and Velvet’s in their current experience and the consequences of Melvin’s experiment and how they are bold similarities yet we feel quietly confident that there will be a different outcome despite the lack of evidence supporting this. I really enjoyed reading the parallels between Melvin and Nathan’s situations, I also liked Imes despite he’s a “bad guy” as he is pinning all of his hope of Nathan not killing Velvet after he’s ravages her into the next century, apparently extremely lust and violence are side-effects of the drug they are being pumped full of on a daily basis.

Nathan still doesn’t have his full memory back after his amnesia but he does remember memories with Ed in the early stages of the bomb and their life before but the memories don’t as of yet have a place in the storyline. I was also hoping for Nathan’s amnesia to be down-played in this second book but alas we can’t always get what we want. I feel sorry for Imes as he wants to help and keep his position but he doesn’t want to harm anyone in the process which he has come to realise is inevitable. I like the multiple perspectives again in this novel although we are mainly reading from Imes’ or Nathans’ point of view with Melvin’s mixed in but we have read much from Velvet’s perspective despite being half way through the book.

I actually really disliked how much Nathan’s amnesia was still played on in this novel as it kind of feels that this book is just an extension of the first one with little new content. As Velvet uncovers how Imes is keeping them in P-744 she thinks about how to get them off it unnoticed and make Nathan her ally once again in escaping another deadly form of tyranny that the Neanderthals once had over them. We learn Imes and his superiors as planning to use the modified race of super solider to wipe out the remaining Neanderthals which doesn’t seem like a bad thing but there are hundreds more problems all bigger than the Neanderthal issue in my opinion.The last 15 pages of this novel were amazing, the book ends with a frustratingly brilliant cliff-hanger where we have to read the final book to find out what happened next. I have extremely high hopes for the final book in this series as I would love a resolution where Nathan and Velvet can be free even if it’s within the world of chaos. I highly recommend this series to anyone that is looking for a high octane, action packed book full of violence and even a few naughty scenes.

This book was sent to me for review by the author

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