Odin’s Ravens by Kelly Armstrong & M. A. Marr

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Title: Odin’s Ravens

Author: Kelly Armstrong & M. A. Marr

Genre: Fantasy/Mythology/Middle Grade

Rating: ****

Review: Odin’s Ravens was exactly the kind of book I needed to read at this moment, filled with action, adventure and a compelling story with likeable characters. They face the end of the world and have to do difficult things, but there isn’t as much drama as in a YA book and it was all still manageable. This book managed to surprise me on more than one occasion and had some great twists that I didn’t see coming. The story kept a nice pace and there was always something happening and something that needed to happen next. Add in the nice pictures every few chapters and I was hooked. I easily read this book in a few sitting and finished the book with a satisfied, happy feeling and surprised at the last plot twist.

This book just made me happy and delivered on everything that it promised. I liked the direction of the story and the new discoveries the characters made. There’s some nice character growth in there too, all the main character go through some significant change in this book and it felt like this book really added something, lots of things happen and at the end of the book the characters are all in a different place then were we started. Certainly no middle book syndrome here!

Let me talk a bit more about the characters. Matt is one of the main characters, he a nice guy, a good guy, but he’s also very important. He’s the descendant to Thor and he’s really living up to that title, there are a few scenes involving him that were really done well, especially the battle scene towards the end. Then there’s Laurie, she’s a great character as well and I really liked seeing her grow and learn more about herself in this book. I also liked her connection with Owen. I can’t say much more about her, but I really liked the changes and she’s just such a nice and likeable character. I also have a soft spot for Fen, he’s grumpy and seems the outsider sometimes, but he really cares about the others. I liked seeing his soft side underneath his cold and grumpy exterior and of course there’s the whole changing into a wolf aspect which I like. He is really protective of Laurie and while sometimes it feels a bit too much, but I also liked his protective side. He’s a bit more of a complex character and I might even like him the most out of all the three, life hasn’t been easy and there are some difficult changes from him in this book and I am curious to see where he ends up. The other side characters are nice as well, Owen sounded a bit older than the rest and I liked how he tried to do what was best even though it might not seem that way sometimes. He was an interesting character. And then there is Baldwin who is always there to provide some comic relieve.

Another thing I like about this book is that it doesn’t feel too young. Sure there are kids stopping the end of the world and they make mistakes, but it’s glaring in your face the whole time and actually the age fits them. It’s one of those Middle Grade books that I am just able to enjoy because of the fabulous story and makes me consider picking up more MG books because they can be so much fun. Less drama and more story and adventure, which is exactly what I want sometimes.

I never really was into mythology that much, but this book proves me wrong on that account. I liked learning more about all the Norse mythology and it was great to see how much world building and thought there was behind everything. I also liked those scenes were Matt spoke up with another bot of myth knowledge that he knew. The focus is mostly on the story, but through it all you still notice there’s world building behind it and I liked that. Everything made sense.

To conclude this book has everything I look for in a good book, a nice story, good pace, fabulous writing style and a great cast of characters with some plot twists that managed to surprise me. All in all this book left me feeling happy and satisfied after finishing it. It just was a great book and I am curious were the last book will take the characters.

Buy it here:

Paperback/Hardcover: amazon.co.uk

Kindle Edition: amazon.co.uk


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