Amber Sky by Amy Braun

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Title: Amber Sky

Author: Amy Braun

Genre: Sci-Fi/Steam Punk/Dystopian

Rating: *****

Review: This novella is the prequel to the Dark Sky series; Crimson Sky and Midnight Sky. I have read and reviewed books 1 & 2 and really enjoyed them and couldn’t wait to see what Amy Braun had in store for us next. In this review I will try to keep spoilers out from books 1 & 2 of the series for those of you that haven’t read it yet.

The opening of the story starts with a fight in which Nash is involved. Nash was one of the my favorite characters from the Dark Sky series as his personality and attitude were amazing without being cheesy or cliché. I loved seeing how Nash regrets having to win the fight and feels ashamed about what he has been made to do by his Captain.

We learn that Nash unlike the other Dog’s is gentle and kind. A prime example of this is how he interacts with Sonya, despite how their relationship began he has learnt to tame the beast within and he has even accepted he loves her. Sonya doesn’t feel the same way as she lost the one she loved in the Storm and is not willing to replace him not matter how much she cares for Nash. We can clearly see Nash doesn’t feel safe or at home with the Dogs despite them giving him shelter, food and safety after the Storm. Nash remembers his life before the Storm and longs for a life where he doesn’t have to fight to survive, a life we he can love and be loved. A normal life. But even though he longs for these things he holds little hope of actually achieving them.

Nash learns the Hellions; which are strange looking beings that feed on blood are advancing having learned how to move around in the daylight. The mere mention of the beings stirs painful memories for Nash as well as countless others. We also learn that Ryland the leader of the Dog Clan will do anything to get what he desires. He evens goes a far as putting a gun to Sonya’s head to get Nash to agree to a job “convincing” Davy; one of the farmer to share his crops in exchange for protection from the Dogs. I have a feeling this will not go well as Davy has refused the Dog’s protection on numerous occasions. As Nash goes above ground and sets about his task, he reflects on his life before the Storm and how much he and everyone else has lost. He also thinks about how he’s going to convince Davy to side with the cruel Ryland without resorting to violence.

It is at Davy’s farm that Nash has his first encounter with Sawyer; someone he will become extremely close to in the following books. Nash eventually takes food from Davy but with cunning rather than violence, he also has a plan to make sure the Dogs don’t bother Davy again. A slither of Sawyer’s past is also revealed here but we find out more about it in the following books. We also gain some vital insight into Ryland’s past and how he come to be so demented and cruel, but not before he issues an order Nash didn’t foresee, he will be forced to fight Sawyer in the Crater and Nash knows it will presumably be a fight to the death.

With Sonya’s help Nash formulates a plan to save Sawyer, himself and Sonya and escape the tyranny of the Dogs’ Clan for good. Nash and Sonya between the distract the Dogs long enough to get Sawyer and make it above ground. But Nash seems to have no luck in this story. After getting out of the Dens and to freedom, Nash, Sawyer and Sonya are being chased and targeted by the Hellions which are 100 times worse the Ryland and his pack of rabid dogs.Suddenly a three way fight ensues between Sawyer & Co. the dogs and the Hellions. Sawyer knowing the above ground the best leads Nash deeper into the city and towards the Hellions with the dogs hot on their heels – sneaky Sawyer has laid a trap for them. Meanwhile, Sonya has disappeared, she hid around a building and has not been seen since, whether she has been captured or killed by either the Hellions or the dogs is unknown.

The amount of action in this novella is just amazing, they are so detailed and gripping and truly make your heart pound. But this action does not override the character and plot development. We are clearly shown the friendship between Nash and Sawyer forming especially when Sawyer admits no one has ever saved him life before. We also learn that Sawyer trusts Nash enough to take him to his hide-out/home.

During Nash’s recovery in which Sawyer stiches him up, feeds him ect. They become quite good friends. After Nash is fully recovered his insists on finding Sonya who he hasn’t seen since the night they escaped. It turns out she has been dating Sawyer while living and working on Davy’s farm where she is extremely happy. Nash is also happy for her but he realises he doesn’t really belong with Sonya and belongs nowhere in the above ground world. Nash thinks about going over the barricade to find somewhere new to belong when once again Sawyer extends the hand of friendship to him and they begin to form the crew we would see in Crimson Sky.

Overall this novella at just over 100 pages long this novella was a quick, fast-paced read. It also provides some vital insight to what will come in the later novels and how the long standing friendships and bonds where formed. I also like learning about Nash’s roots where he came from, because in Crimson Sky and Midnight Sky we learn about Sawyer’s roots as well as other characters but Nash’s story seems to fade into the background as if he has always been there and always will be. I think out of all the stories in this series this one is my favourite so far as I love origin stories. This novella is character driven and if you don’t connect with Sawyer and Nash in this story I doubt you ever will, their bonds of friendship forged in the crucible of death make for an amazing read that you just can’t put down.

This book was sent to me by the author for review

*Please Note this book doesn’t go on sale until August 31st but you can pre-order it below*

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