The Copper Gauntlet by Holly Black & Cassandra Clare

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Title: The Copper Gauntlet

Author: Holly Black & Cassandra Clare

Genre: Young Adult/Fantasy/Adventure

Rating: ****

Review: After reading The Iron Trial I was really excited to get stuck into The Copper Gauntlet. Having read several books by both authors previously I was curious to read some of their younger YA novels and with the 3rd book being released soon I had to catch up on the series quickly.

The opening pages to this novel are nothing short of explosive and it all happens outside the Magisterium while Call is home on summer breaks. The novel begins with Call finding out his father’s true plans for him and Havoc, and them running away to Tamara’s – a safe heaven between his father and the school, somewhere where he can just be Call.

After basically severing his ties to his own family Call finds comfort among his friends and their family. There is a growing suspense throughout the novel especially when The Enemy or the Makar is mentioned as they remind people of past horrors and wars to come.

Call’s relationship with his father becomes even more tense after he turns up at the Magisterium after school starts which he isn’t supposed to do to retrieve Call. Call obviously refuses to leave and his father is sent away. All the while thoughts of what Master Joseph told Call in the previous book plague his mind especially when Aaron is mentioned as he is technically Call’s enemy but he is determined not to fall into darkness and harm his friends.

The prophecy given to Call by the devoured elemental rings in his mind: “One of you will fail, One of you will and One of you is already dead” Call knows he is the one that is already dead referring to the Enemy’s soul which resides in his body but his is concerned for Tamara and Aaron and which roles in the prophecy they will fulfil.

After confessing what happened with his dad at the beginning of the novel to his friends Call seems a bit more lightened although he fails to mention his dad planned to kill him not Aaron.

At the halfway point in the novel the loyalties of friends are being tested as they leave the Magisterium to try and find Call’s father and prevent his death. They have also had to drag Jasper along for the ride.

As they attempt to escape the Magisterium all is not as it seems as they run into the Order of Disorder who want to experiment on Aaron as he is the Makar and without him all their research into chaos-ridden animals and humans is worthless. The group make their way to his dad’s junk yard which is owned by another Mage that left that life behind. Call despite being one step closer to finding his dad is unsure of whether he wants to as he knows what his dad is planning to do which he is still hiding from his friends.

I loved the fact are caught between the Magisterium that is hunting them as well as the Enemy who they are blindly marching towards in order to save Call’s dad. Although it turns out Aleister has been in league with Master Joseph after he was promised the return of his true son’s soul and the resurrection of his wife.

The last 50 pages of this novel were amazing. The group take an road trip to Maine where the coordinations in Joseph’s letters lead. Call becomes more and more anxious as does Aaron as he using his chaos magic more often than he should and it really takes its toll on him.

As the story nears its end I am wondering whether we will be left with a major cliffhanger and or a neat wrap up like the last novel. Call finally comes clean to his friends and they still stick by him to achieve their ultimate goal to save the people they love.

The ending of this novel was just explosive so many things happened and so many things changed for the gang. It comes to light that Call is also a Makar and they saved the world. Obviously thorughout this review I have tried to keep as many spoilers as I can out as this is the second novel in this series and I don’t want to spoil the series for others, but I highly recommend this novel. If you liked The Percy Jackson series or The Harry Potter series then you will deifnitely love the Magisterium series.

This review is done in collaboration with The Portrait Ezine

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Also see: The Iron Trial


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