Tooth Goblins by Ash Toroid

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Title: Tooth Goblins

Author: Ash Toroid

Genre: Fantasy/Action/MG/YA

Rating: ****

Review: The opening chapter of this novel is surprisingly dark. Ellie watches her older brother Duncan kidnapped and replaced after a joke her parents made about him turning into a teenager. We also learn of magic, fairy and “little men” presumably goblins are real and travel travel to and exist in our world.

Ellie learns that all children on the 13th birthday are replaced by clones although this has only been happening for the past 20 years so Ellie’s parents and other adults are presumably unaffected. The change between human and clone produces now side effects other than moodiness and laziness as they have been raised by goblins. This results in the teenage ideal we all know. There is a great use of suspense and paranoia as Ellie doesn’t know who is or isn’t a clone. And after she befriends Ryak a tooth fairy after he finds out she is in possession of Merlin’s wand he agrees to take her to the Ivory Realm; where the goblins live to try and rescue her brother.

I loved the alternating perspective between Ellie and Ryak in our world and Duncan & Co. in the Ivory Realm. All the while Duncan finds out he can also use magic and freed his friends from the Goblin’s spell. Ellie also makes her way to the outlands of the Goblin lands and now both brother and sister persue quests to get home, but also to protect their friends and learn more about themselves and magic in the process.

The writing style and length of this novel means it is suitable for middle grades readers (aged 8 – 12) as well as teens. As someone nearing their twenties reading this novel I am also finding enjoyable as it takes something we were excited about as children i.e. the tooth fairy and turn it into an action packed good vs. evil kind of novel which I found both gripping and extremely entertaining.

By the time we get into the last quarter of the novel both Ellie and Duncan are both beginning to understand and learn to control their magic. Duncan & Co are making their way through the goblin camps freeing all the humans imprisoned through the use of Duncan’s magic ring given to him by his grandfather and Ellie is trying to find her brother with the use of their grandfather’s wand. Ellie learns of other beings besides goblins and fairies that are half-breeds, she also learns she is one of Merlin’s few descendants alive today and therefore wields a great magical power.

We meet several interesting characters along the way my favourite beinf FigWup a goblin turned helper for fairies after the goblins caused the death of the person he loved. While this story has some darker elements it is at heart a magical fantasy novel.

The ending of this novel was amazing and leaves a subtle but great opening for a follow up novel which I am hoping for as I want to see more of Ellie, Duncan and everyone else but most of all I want to know if Duncan frees the human children and defeats the goblin horde once and for all. I highly recommend this novel to middle grade readers as well as teens and maybe even some adults may enough this interesting take on Merlin’s magical quest.

This book was sent to me by the author for review

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