City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare

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Title: City of Heavenly Fire

Author: Cassandra Clare


Rating: ****

Review:The Nephilim face extinction at the hands of a half-demon warrior. Clary Fray finds herself wishing for her normal life back in New York now more than ever. She just wants things to be normal, but they can’t be, ever. Clary is a warrior for the Nephilim now, a race of fighters who are human-angel descendants. The Nephilim are under attack; war has been declared on their entire race. Clary’s stake in the war is kind of personal: her long-lost brother Sebastain, now half-demon, is the one who’s leading the fight. When he kidnaps Clary’s mother, Clary and her boyfriend Jace call upon their Nephilim comrades to help them rescue her mother.

Clary’s best friend, a vampire named Simon, asks to help with the rescue mission. Once again Clary is torn between Simon’s safety and knowing how much of an asset he’d be to the mission. Eventually the crew set off, Simon included, and seek entrance to the demon realm from which Sebastian is operating. On their way to the realm, one of their Nephilim comrades finds out that his boyfriend has been taken hostage with Clary’s mother, and the search for Sebastian intensifies. The group find themselves in the Seelie Court, the Faerie realm. The Faeries have always been kind and helpful to the Nephilim, but upon speaking with their queen, Jace determines that the Faeries are in league with Sebastian, which is a striking blow to the Nephilim; the Fair Folk are strong in number and old magic. They will make for terrible enemies.

Jace threatens the queen until she shows him and the crew the way to the demon realm of Edom, Sebastian’s headquarters.As the crew plod and choke their way through the desiccated, scorched land that is Edom, they begin to weaken, and it becomes unlikely that they’ll live long enough to see Sebastian, let alone have the strength left to vanquish him. Through sheer willpower, the crew force themselves to enact a plan and sneak into Sebastian’s fortress. Once there, they separate, allowing Clary and Jace to penetrate the heart of the castle and carry out the final bit of the plan; Sebastian’s death. Through cunning logic and one heart-wrenching decision, the two are able to take Sebastian out. And although he is eliminated as a threat, the ending leaves open the possibility of a Faerie attack in the books to come.

The crew return home to the city of Nephilim as heroes, but receive a tepid welcome shot through with tension. There’s another war on the horizon, distant but inexorable. I loved that although it was the last book in the series it was still as equally harrowing and humorous as the first book.

There’s a scene where Nephilim warriors Alec and Jace are having a bro-fight and trading barbs, and the term “shut your face” comes up, and it’s so incongruous among angel warriors that it’s hilarious.

I love that the Clary in this book is still every bit the Clary she was at the beginning of the series. She doesn’t really allow herself to be changed by love or loss, and that takes strength.

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