H.A.L.F: The Deep Beneath by Natalie Wright

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Title: H.A.L.F: The Deep Beneath

Author: Natalie Wright

Genre: Young Adult/Paranormal/Action

Rating: *****

Review: I loved the opening of this novel it was dark and mystery and possibly provides some background into what happens later in the novel, but for an opening chapter it did exactly what it was meant to do; it caught my attention and made me frantic to read on and find out what happens to the mystery inhuman baby.

I loved the characters from the offset especially Erika; her strong, confident spirit but also her undying loyalty towards her friends and the people she cares most about. I loved how Natalie Wright used time/location skipping to further the readers’ suspense and eagerness to read one. I also really enjoyed the alternating point of view between Erika, H.A.L.F 9 and various other characters. I also relished the way H.A.L.F 9 is portrayed. You clearly know he isn’t human but he feels like we do, and we empathize with his situation.

I also have a funny feeling that H.A.L.F 9 is the mysterious baby from the first chapter, and if it isn’t him then it was definitely another of his kind. I really enjoyed the way 9 interacts with the humans; Erika, Jack and Ian and how they so casually accept his existence and even help him offering a small hope of friendship but 9 knows the government won’t let him go peacefully if at all, and he knows what must be done to stop them.

I adored the writing style of this novel especially in the dialogue. In 9 there is almost an automated response like a robot but he feels compassion and fear as well anger and hatred making him human hence the Half. Understanding and comparing it to the real human dialects and expression of the teenagers makes for extremely interesting reading.

I loved the addition of the second H.A.L.F – who is female and has been trained and ordered to retrieve 9. 10 like 9 is curious and what to know more about herself and the world around her but she cannot ask questions as they will lead to punishment from the Commander as she has been trained not to respond to emotion. But one key thing that made me like H.A.L.F 10 was the fact she refers to H.A.L.F 9 as her brother but no aloud.

I really liked the way H.A.L.F 9 interacts with Erika, Ian and Jack as they try to understand him and his purpose/origins and he tries to understand them all while under the imminent threat from the Commander and A.H.D.N.A group.

By the time I reached the second part of the novel I was completely invested in the characters and their story and I wanted 9 to take his freedom but I also sense he may have some degree of attraction to Erika.

After 9 is recaptured the rest of the gang also end up in cells where the Commander plans to kill them, but 9 is planning to have them retrieved along with himself by the other grey aliens from whose DNA the H.A.L.F’s were made. I am eager to find out what will become of the hybrid especially H.A.L.F 10, as she has been conditioned in a way 9 wasn’t.

The weak link in the group is Ian as he constantly refuses to believe 9 despite the overwhelming evidence that the commander is going to have them killed. And I feel he may be the Judas among them and betray them later on.

As we come into the final sector we are hoping for so many things with little evidence they will come good. The ending of this book was just amazing, it was action packed and fast paced with tons of tension and suspense. But it is a great cliffhanger as well because it leaves many unanswered question but not enough to be overwhelming but not too little so that this could be a stand alone novel.

I cannot wait to read more from these characters and find out more about the aliens and why they left Jack behind, so many mysteries. I can’t wait to dive into the second book and have my questions answered. For any sci-fi novel lovers, action novel lovers or military novel lovers or all of the above I highly recommend you pick this book up as soon as you can.

This Book was sent to me by the author for review

Buy it here:

Paperback/Hardback: www.amazon.com

Kindle Edition: www.amazon.com


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