Cinders by V. M. Sawh

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Title: Cinders (Good Tales for Bad Dream #1)

Author: V. M. Sawh

Genre: Retelling/Action/Erotica

Rating: *****

Review: V. M. Sawh’s retelling of some of the classic fairytales like Cinderella are amazing. They are beautifully writing and slightly dark breathing new life into stories that have been told for decades.

This story is set in a brothel where Rella’s sisters and stepmothers and women who work in the borthel and to them Rella is a great prize as she is a virign and the stepmother believes she can makes a fortune from selling it.

The women of the Black House aren’t only prostitutes but they engage in all manner of things including assassinations of very famous people who are successors to thrones of kingdoms far and wide. I loved the way the story is drawn back to the original fairytail with the apearance of the glass slippers that were designed for a very specific kind of girl and I have a feeling Rella is going to be the one wearing to the dismay of her stepmother and sisters.

After being sent to kill the prince Rella falls in love with him and instead kills the uncle who ordered the prince dead but not before he lands her with a fatal blow. In the end the prince lives to become king but Rella is swallowed by the frozen lake as she gave her life in the persuit of freedom.

I loved at only 28 pages long V. M. Sawh has weaved together an amazing story that is a fairytale for grown ups and I completely fell in love with it. The writing style is dark yet beautiful, the narrative voice and characters are amazing. And although this story has elements similar to the original fairytale this is a unique read and I truly wish the 4 books in this series where full length novels as I’d buy them straight away.

Retellings of fairytales are one of my favourite kinds of stories to read and the only down side to the story was it just wasn’t long enough for me. I would have loved to have gone more in Rella’s background and she how she came to be at the Black House and the trails and struggles she had to go through before this one. But overall this story was amazing and I hope we see a full length novel or even a novella from this author soon.

This book was sent to me by the author for review

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