Between Two Ends by David Ward

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Title: Between Two Ends

Author: David Ward

Genre: Fantasy/Action/Middle Grade

Rating: ****

Review: I loved the action packed opening to this novel, although based on the slightly graphic opening I am not sure whether to classify this novel as middle grade or young adult, I personally think it lies in between the two genres somewhere.

In the first chapter we meet Yeats, his parents, gran, Odysseus the cat and the mysterious Mr. Sutcliff. The reader can see from the offset that there is something strange about the house and its inhabitants, especially the man who lives upstairs.

I loved the use of suspense, magic and books throughout the novel. I also like how all the character interacted and they are all driving toward a singular purpose. I also like the setting – not a re-telling – but it is a time travel novel into the world of 1001 Arabian nights.

I loved how selfless Yeats is but at the same time he is extremely selfish. He is trying to rescue Shari in order to restore the balance of his own family. I also like how Yeats and Shari instantly have the connection although not in a romantic sense more of a friendship blooming.

The plot is fast paced and action packed from the offset so it can capture and hold the attention of the reader (which would be younger as this book is middle grade fiction), but it can also entertain teens and adults because everyone likes books based on the fairy tales we were read as children.

I loved following Yeat’s adventure within the book especially as he tries to remain in one piece as several people threatens to remove his head at various points within the novel. And I feel very sorry for Yeats as he has only been in the books for just over a day and he’s been thrown in jail – the poor thing!

My favourite thing about the book was it is one long adventure told in parallel worlds and despite being a middle grade novel I absolutely loved it, and the ending was amazing. It left a satisfying ending but with a little wiggle room for a sequel.

I would actually like a prequel about William and Shari’s original adventure, but I also want to see more of Yeats and Shari and whether they will have more adventure with the pirate bookends and if they will meet Roland and Khan again. Overall this was an amazing novel that would be an enticing and entertaining read for readers young and old alike.

This book was sent to me by Abrams & Chronicle for review

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