Eye Spy by Tessa Buckley

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Title: Eye Spy

Author: Tessa Buckley

Genre: Family/Drama/Mystery

Rating: ****

Review: For the offset I loved the twins; Alex and Donna and their quirky sibling relationship. I also liked their dad as a character he is loving but distant at times especially when he is working on his many inventions. I also liked the fact this book is very short at less than 150 pages long, making it quick and easy for readers of all levels.

It is a bit saddening that these children have a hard home life with a dead mother, and a sometimes absent father but they are also scared of their headmaster at school especially after their gambling den is broken up which was doing no harm in the first place, but they don’t let these things dampen their spirits and they power on.

I loved how the story was fast paced and action packed from the offset, the characters are well flesh out and adorable. The plot is believable and very easy to follow so it is a suitable read for children/teens as well as adults. I love the use of tension and suspense especially in the poker game in the beginning of the story. As Alex and Donna begin their investigation we meet a host of secondary characters that are just a likeable and well developed as the main characters. This is an area where shorter novels like this one can fall down but Tessa Buckley has obviously carefully thought through every aspect of this novel.

Alex and Donna seems to uncover several things about the alleged dog-napping but it feels like they have accidentally stumbled upon something much larger than themselves. I loved how the twins are trying to find out about Kiki – the missing dog – focusing on a biker group that may be responsible for kidnapping the dog.

I also liked the fact we see more of their relationship with their father during their parents evening, and how the twins are being to become quite curious about their mother. This added a nice touch to the family dynamic. At almost half way through the novel I am really excited as to how the story line is going to play out and how all the issues are going to be resolved in the end.

I liked following the father’s story line and how he struggles making money to support his family and he turns down an great opportunity because he won’t get the money or recognition he feels he deserves and I sympathise with him because he worked extremely hard on Hamish and he wants what is best for his family and his career/reputation.

I really enjoyed seeing the happy family come apart as the twins especially Alex dig deeper for information on their mother who is still alive. I also liked how the twins separate story lines collide; the quest for information on their mother – which their nan and father has been hiding from them – and their quest to find Kiki. In entering the last 50 pages of the novel we are rushing towards the conclusion and we hope that everything will work out well and have a happy ending but as an avid reader I know it rarely works out this way.

I loved how things worked out in the end, it was not exactly a happy ending and there were a few loose ends but there is the promise of a better, fuller life for the twins and their family. This was a warm fluffy novel with a bit of mystery thrown in for good measure. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will be recommending it to friends and family.

This book was sent to me by the author for review

Buy it here:

Paperback: www.amazon.com

Kindle Edition: www.amazon.com


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