Breaking the Chains by Ioana Visan

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Title: Breaking the Chains (The Devil You Know #1)

Author: Ioana Visan

Genre: Religious/Fantasy/Paranormal

Rating: ***

Review: This book is an extremely short story at only 15 pages long. I liked the character but as you can imagine for such as short novel there wasn’t much in the way of backstory and/or character development.

An amazing this about this story was the cover, the author’s other works also have absolutely divine covers just like this one and I wish every book could have covers like these because they are gorgeous.

I could only give this short story 3 stars purely because it was just lacking a lot of things but was still really good. Overall it was lacking a far bit in background, character and plot development, character relationship (although there are the makings of 2 they aren’t really there yet) which can be expected in short stories but I wanted this to be so much longer because it has so much potential and I really wanted it to fulfill that.

The premise is really good angels are coinhabiting with humans. Gaurdians angels are being rented out by the hour/task and Lu is from some reasons trying to take the protagonists soul. This story has a lot of potential to be a good novella and an even better full length novel.

This review is obviously very short because there really isn’t much to work with but this did serve as a great appeatiser for the authors other works, and I can’t wait to get into some of those as soon as I can.

This Book was sent to me by the author.

Buy it here:

Kindle Edition:


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