Act of Treason by Frank Dickens

Book Reviewact of treason cover

Title: Act of Treason

Author: Frank Dickens

Genre: Historical/Romance/Religious

Rating: ****

Review: This book is a historical novel centered around a outbreak of plauge, which has been done before but this book is told for the point of view of George Bullen in 1598 recording the events that have passed. Due to the time period the book is set in it does lean highly on religion at times, but this is normal for the period. This book is also where short at only 118 pages and makes for a very quick read, espeically for someone like myself who is used to reading books ranging in length from 400 – 600+ pages.

The language of this book is quite formal and historical but not historical enough to be old English. Bullen is a writer of sorts and records the stories of others, for a fee, the story he records during this novel is that of Gareth Simmons a solider.

Simmons is extremely secretive and is needing to leave the country (England) as he fears for his life, and he needs his story documented before leaving and this is how Bullens and Simmons comes to meet with the assistance of the landlord Mr. Trumble.

We can see that Bullen is afraid of Simmons but doesn’t think twice about speaking his mind to him. Simmons has a price of £50 on his head and considering the period it is a small fortune and Bullen is extremely eager to uncover the story and use it to his own gain in a way.

There are few dramatic plot twists quite early on but I found it rather hard to get into the story and invest in the characters but I put this down to fact this novel is historically based and I don’t read a lot from this genre so I find it harder to read than YA fantasy and contemporary novels I normally read.

I felt sorry for Simmons and everything he went through in the pursuit of truth only to be ignored and hunted down at every turn. But I also hated him because if he hadn’t appeared Bullen life would have had no hardships, no pain, but then there would be no story.

But the person I feel most sorry for is Bullen being caught in the middle of everything, and knowing that he could be killed at any moment for doing his job putting words on paper, documenting the stories of others.

The characters were well fleshed out with plenty of backstory and fairly likable. The setting is well thought out and plot/development speed was good. And the ending was great, what become of the characters was disheartening but what happened to the story is history.

For lovers of historical fiction especially in the Shakespearean period this is definitely for you and I urge you to pick this book up. Overall, I give this book a 4 out of 5 stars.

This book was sent to me by the Publisher Endevour Press

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