Half Bad by Sally Green

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Title: Half Bad

Author: Sally Green

Genre: Fantasy/Survival/Drama

Rating: ****

Review: I love it when I hear about a new young adult fantasy series/trilogy. Admittedly I’m a bit late to jump on the bound wagon, but after tearing my way through the first novel in this wonderful witchy epic, I knew I had to share my thoughts with you all.

‘Half Bad’ is an enthralling, addictive novel based around Nathan Edge, a young witch born from an affair between a powerful white witch and possibly the most powerful black witch of all time. In a world where each witch is segregated into categories, black or white, Nathan is a half code, neither black nor white but a good mixture of both.

White witches govern all the witches closely and knowing Nathans heritage, they keep a close eye on him from birth, waiting for him to show signs of being truly black at heart. As Nathan grows older he struggles to fit in with the white witches, outcast by most of his peers because of his famously sinister father.

The white witch council decide to get involved. Tearing him away from his family at a young age, they torture and brutalize him, proving that maybe the white witches aren’t as good as their name suggests. Nathan realises that the white witches, however sinister they are, are keeping him alive in aid of a prophecy in which he kills his own father.

Distraught at the idea of killing anyone, nethertheless his own kin, he manages to escape their clutches. With the prophecy in his shadow and the white witches on his tail, Nathan must find a way to stay alive and enact the ‘giving’ ceremony that will keep him alive by enabling him to receive his true powers lying dormant in his blood.

The novel is beautifully written, a piece of art if ever there was one. With intriguing characters that show us what it truly is to be good or evil, you can’t help but wonder which kind of witch you would be. With Nathan’s mesmerizing affinity with the earth comes wonderful descriptions of the world around him, drawing you further into the world of witches and magic.

Green doesn’t hold back on any of the gory details, but with these details comes a true arc of character, allowing you to stand inside Nathan’s shoes, to understand the world as he sees it. The entire novel is addictive, pulsing with action, friendship and survival. I could hardly put it down.

Buy it here:

Paperback/Hardback: www.amazon.comwww.amazon.com

Kindle Edition: www.amazon.com


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