The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson

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Title: The Final Empire

Author: Brandson Sanderson

Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy

Rating: ***

Review: What if the Dark Lord won?

The Final Empire, the first book in a trilogy by Brandon Sanderson, is a tale of a subjugated people known as the Skaa, and their fight for freedom against a seemingly invincible God known as the Lord Ruler. The Lord Ruler has ruled this world for a thousand years through his Inquisitors and Obligators. The Skaa who have been subjugated for so long are incapable of fighting back.

That is until Kelsier a Mistborn who, along with his crew of Mistings and other talented individuals, begins a rebellion against the Lord Ruler and the Nobility. The Mistborn are a special people who are able to burn metals to illicit different responses. This process is known as Allomancy and Vin, a member of a thieving crew, is enlisted by Kelsier in his crusade to free the Skaa.

The Final Empire starts off with a gripping prologue and instantly holds the reader’s attention with the excitement and anticipation of what is surely to follow. The writing is smooth and has an easy and accomplished style and the setting of this mist covered world is well crafted and thought out. It is immediately engaging and before I knew it I was a hundred pages in.

The story is told through our two main protagonists Vin and Kelsier. Both are well drawn characters and their motivations are clearly explained. They continue to develop throughout the novel and Vin is a particularly alluring character as she battles against her role in this rebellion. Both are users of Allomancy. Allomancy is the ability to burn metal through liquid ingestion and create certain responses such as added strength or enhanced senses.

You will find certain similarities with Magneto from X Men and if you throw in those abilities from the characters of the eighties program Monkey you will get an idea of what Allomancy is and can do. The story features other players and these too are well crafted. As the book progresses we are further introduced to the character of the Nobleman Elend Venture and we begin to see his perspective as well.

In conclusion, it is book which I wholeheartedly recommend to lovers of fantasy who fancy something a little bit different. It is a book of Good against Evil, although it differs from other books in the way that it is told so that we are left completely unsure of the outcome. It has interesting characters and an original system of magic in Allomancy as well as one of the better endings I have read for a long time. It is also a highly compelling read and has the right blend of characters and suspense to ensure the reader will be eager to seek out the following book in the trilogy.

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