The Booking by Ramsey Campbell

Book Reviewthe booking

Title: The Booking

Author: Ramsey Campbell

Genre: Horror/Short Story/Psychological

Rating: ***

Review:From Grand Master horror author Ramsey Campbell comes a frightening new psychological horror novella, third book in the ongoing Black Labyrinth imprint illustrated by Santiago Caruso and published by Dark Regions Press.

Kiefer is desperate for a job when he comes upon an opening at a curious book store in England, Books Are Life. He approaches the owner for a job and gets it, learning quickly that the owner is stranger than the books he sells in the shop. As he continues to help the bookstore’s transition to the Internet, he discovers oddities in the shop and has increasingly strange visions and encounters.

I loved the premise of this book and it appealed to me in so many ways being a big horror/thriller fan. I haven’t read anything from this genre for a while and I am hoping for several scares.

I loved Brooks aka. The creepy store owner. He reminds me of Leland Gaunt from Stephen King’s Needful Things as the setting does as well. This book I could easily mistake for a Stephen King novel except for the fact the “voice” is different.

There is a really weird vibe very early on with the owner’s dislike of camera and his sometimes bipolar personality. But I would say though it wasn’t gory in the slightest and gore is my favourite sub-genre of horror. This story kind of bordered out of horror into conspiracy/psychological thriller territory but it was still great.

Overall I found the characters likeable and the plot good but it needed something extra especially for such a short story. I felt the book was great it was just lacking that spark, and given another 100 pages some more action and possibly some gore this book would have been amazing.

The publication date on this book was June 14th, unfortunately I couldn’t find the book on Amazon or anywhere to buy it so they are no download links. Also the copy I received was an ARC so there was no cover art as yet, but based on what I’ve seen of Campbell’s other works when the cover is released it should compliment the story beautifully.

This book was sent to me by Dark Regions Press


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