Invisible Threads by Annie & Maria Dalton

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Title: Invisible Threads

Author: Annie & Maria Dalton

Genre: Family/Drama/Romance

Rating: ****

Review:  The use of two narrators is commonplace these days in children’s books, but in Invisible Threads, it is given a fresh approach as the narration, which changes in alternate chapters, is shared by two 16-year-olds – Naomi and Carrie-Anne – one a teenage mother, the other an adopted daughter. Each girl tells her own story but, as the title suggests, there is more than the obvious parentage link between them. Both have their own distinctive, individual voices that never falter throughout the whole book.

Naomi’s story reveals a girl who has been forced to grow up too quickly as she copes with her reckless mother’s selfishness. When she finally breaks free and begins to form her own hopes and dreams for her future, she finds herself repeating her mother’s mistakes. Carrie-Anne’s story reveals a girl who comes from a good home and a loving family but cannot move forward until she has discovered from where she really came.

Invisible Threads is a wonderful exploration of the relationship between mothers and daughters, and the conflict and comfort that is at its core. It also beautifully captures the deep bond that cements that relationship – something neither anger nor distance can break.

Both Naomi’s despair at having to give up her child and Carrie-Anne’s despair at feeling an outsider within her own family are written about with eloquence, warmth and true feeling. This is a story that girls aged between 12 and 16 will really appreciate as they too are loosening the apron strings and learning to stand on their own two feet.

Although Carrie-Anne’s story is central to the book’s overall impact, it is Naomi’s story that packs the real emotional punch, and it is telling that the book ends when Naomi goes into labour – we already know it has a happy ending, as we know how Carrie-Anne turned out.

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