The Strap by William Blackwell

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Title: The Strap

Author: William Blackwell

Genre: Action/Suspense/Drama

Rating: ***

Review: The Strap ushers you full-throttle deep inside the exotic sights and culture of Ecuador while also exposing the very real dangers that exist. Through Gray’s harrowing journey for personal redemption, survival and sanity, we discover the frailties and insecurities of the human mind and the ever present need for companionship at the root of human nature.

The Strap by William Blackwell was great. The first chapter he write about Gray getting the strap as a punishment in school, which is an interesting topic for me as I was born after corporal punishment was banned from schools and I found it to be a very interesting premise.

I loved the difference from seeing Gray as a young boy then as an adult. He is going through a sort-of midlife crisis and is planning to fly to Ecuador as a last ditch attempt to sort his life out and find a woman as well. I have read a lot of books like this but from the woman’s point of view. So seeing this from a man’s perspective is a refreshing change of pace.

One thing that really caught my eyes was Gray’s use of online dating sites to find a woman to meet with in the country, instead of going about it the normal way, I.e. bars, nightclubs etc. It shows the progression of technology ruling our lives even choosing suitable partners for us, and I really enjoyed this aspect of the novel. It’s not romancey but gives great insight and depth to Gray as a character as well get to see and understand his mental processes.

I adored the male bonding between the pair at times they almost seem like brothers, especially when they are planning the bonfire party to get rid of some unsavoury characters. Although Gray seems excited about a lot of things the image of Lola and the words: “you’re dead” are constantly at the back of his mind haunting him, which adds a thriller/psychological horror vibe to the story.

Despite reading this novel I am not sure how to categorize the genre as it fits into so many; psychological/thriller/crime and possibility romance as well. I like how real Gray feels as a character, he doesn’t really know what he’s doing, he just thrown caution to the wind and is going with the flow.But one of my favourite things about this novel was the cover. It is equal parts creepy, eerie and damn right scary but it completely fits this story. A cover change on this novel would be a crime.

I loved this story, the plot was fast-paced but not too quick, the characters blend together really well especially Gray and Derrick. There’s plenty of tension, suspense and action to keep you flying through the pages. Overall, the book in essence was great but not entirely my style but I really enjoyed it and will be recommending it to my blogger friends.

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