Current Reads: Tuesday

Hi Everyone, this is a new kind of post I am doing, detailing what I am currently reading, how far along I am and what my thoughts are so far.

  1. All the truth in me by Julie Berry – I’m only about 10% into this book but I’m

downloadabsolutely loving it. I love the lyrical and poetic writing style as well it’s told completely for the protagonist Judith’s P.O.V. so we are seeing the book through her eyes. I love the premise of this story and it really appealed to me as I love these kinds of books. Even though I’ve hardly made a dent in it yet I am already recommending it to all my friends. I have highly recommended this anyone who is a fan of physiological thrillers with a little romance thrown in will love this.

2. The Sleepless by Nuzo Onoh – I am about 50% into this book, and I download (1)will say if you’re a fan of African horror or horror in general READ THIS. This is the first African horror novel I’ve read and it’s not as good as traditional horror I read i.e. Stephen King but it has its merits. I love how superstitions and folklore play a massive part in thoughts and feelings of the characters and it adds massively to their fear and paranoia. Nuzo Onoh has a great writing style which makes the book seem extremely fast paced and you fly through the pages. This book is currently unreleased (release date June 28th 2016).

3. Time out of Time: Beyond the Door by Maureen Doyle McQuerry – 1% I’ve have only just download (2).jpgstarted this book but am really excited for it. I was sent the second book Time out of Time: The Telling Stone by Abrams & Chronicle publishers and I practically begged for the first book because I loved the world and the characters and despite it being middle grade fiction I wanted to read more and answer all those question I had with the second book.

Buy them here:

All the truth in me

The Sleepless

Time out of Time: Beyond the Door


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