Dirty Work by Julia Bell

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Title: Dirty Work

Author: Julia Bell

Genre: Drama/Crime/Thriller

Rating: ***

Review: While I liked the book I didn’t love it. It is basically two girls who have been kidnapped from their native countries forced into the sex trade and child trafficking industry, told from their separate perspectives.

I liked this book because unlike some novels which can sugar-coat the issue or give it a happy ending this book is far more gritty and it feels more real.

I loved the differences between Hope and Oksana, and how they reflect on their lives; what they had and what they didn’t. They are very different people but in their troubled time they have the same emotions; fear, disgust and hope.

To be fair Hope wasn’t meant to be dragged into this world she was just collateral damage. And this is what’s real, not all girls are brought up in this world most like Oksana and Hope are forced although for different reasons.

Oksana is brought into this world on the promise of a better life in London although she doesn’t know it’s sex work until the night before they are due to leave the country but by this time she doesn’t have a choice – there’s a gun pressed to her head forcing her hand.

Hope on the other hand was a last minute snatch to replace another girl who had killed herself in France while they were being brought to the UK. Hope and Oksana meet when Oksana hides in Hopes’ dads van on the ferry from France to Dover.

The traffickers eventually find Oksana and Hope just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The one thing I didn’t like about this novel was event though it had a realistic, gritty set-up, it didn’t feel real. To be honest, a lot of the books I’ve read surrounding this issue have been based on real life like Bought and Sold  about a 14 year old girl trafficked from the UK to Greece into prostitution among other things.

Although Julia Bell’s writing is amazing and moving it just didn’t feel real enough for me which is why I only gave this novel 3 *’s. Although these are my opinions and this should not discourage you from reading this novel.

Buy it here:

Paperback/Hardback: www.amazon.com

Kindle Edition: www.amazon.com


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