Dark Fates by Lynn Thompson


Title: Dark Fates

Author: Lynn Thompson

Genre: Horror/Paranormal/Short Story

Rating: ***

Review: I have to say despite what this book lacks in length it makes up for in content. It was a pure work of art. It fascinates me how any author can pour months of hard work, imagination although with a generous helping of blood, sweat and tears and weave it into less than 40 pages. It’s insane!

I also love the fact that Lynn Thompson instead of writing a novella on one story she has written several short stories in the same amount of pages as a novella.

Thompson’s writing is completely me, scary but not gory, but it’s enough to make you think and to make you feel. For example in the first short story we feel Valerie’s anxiety, your heart pounds into time with hers, it is almost like becoming the character. And this is one of my favourite things about Thompson’s writing she can make you feel as if you are the character and it just makes her writing comes alive and jump off the page at you.

I love the subject matter and how Thompson play on our known and engrained fears like there’s something under your bed, don’t go to the graveyard at night because its haunted. It like taking all the things you were afraid of as a child and making you relive that fear until you’re jumping at the slightest sounds or movement and your hear threatens to burst free of your chest.

Thompson also plays on other ideas like rebirth or being reborn in other forms after we did like in The Tavern’s Cat. I think she writes horror well, but paranormal seems to be her genre. Dark Fates to me seems like her testing the waters to see what genre she writes best, but she writes them all wonderfully.

My favourite story in this short collection was Ghostly Wanderings. It is my favourite because Summer can see the dead and she frequents a bar where the living and dead are all under one roof and uses them as inspiration for her writing, but the way she acts and the fact is made clear she doesn’t care for the living, and it makes you wonder whether she herself is dead or just enamoured with the life beyond this one.

A close second would be the devil in disguise as it plays on the slightly religious story that the devil walks among the living in disguise to lure unsuspecting souls into sin.

All of Lynn Thompson’s story stories have an air of believability about them, even though many of these stories play on imagination and superstitions.

Overall, I really enjoyed these short stories although I felt a few could have been novellas in their own rights like Ghostly Wanderings, Shadow Man and Karma, and a few would even make great novels. I currently have a few works by Lynn Thompson and I can’t wait to get into more of her work.

Buy it here:

Kindle Edition: www.amazon.com

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