Passenger by Alexandra Bracken

Book Reviewpassenger

Title: Passenger

Author: Alexandra Bracken

Genre: Fantasy/Historical/Romance

Rating: ***

Review: Etta Spencer is a violin prodigy preparing to make her debut in the professional music world. But her performance doesn’t go to plan, she loses focus, and then she wakes up in 1776 in the middle of a sea battle.

Etta comes from a line of families with the ability to travel through time. However, her mother ran away from this world, and neglected to tell Etta anything about this skill. With a protagonist as oblivious as the reader, Bracken helps us fall into the world of Passenger with relative ease.

What I found incredibly unique about this particular method of time travel is that there are specific doors, or passages, which always lead to a particular place. Travellers can’t just choose a time and place to get to immediately – the path they must take can become convoluted.

passenger 2

Guided by Nicholas, an old-fashioned gentleman with a hint of pirate, Etta must locate an object only her family line had access to, or risk the wrath of a manipulative old patriarch. Although fearing for her mother’s life, Etta still finds a tiny bit of time for romance – who can resist a rogue? Plus, it makes for some brilliant moments when Nicholas’ old-fashioned manners clash with Etta’s modern ideas.

There are plenty of fascinating characters besides the two protagonists – Rose, Etta’s mother, Alice, her violin teacher, and the conniving Sophia Ironwood, just to name a few. The world-building is also fantastic – I absolutely loved falling into this one!

A great mix between historical fiction and fantasy, Passenger is a brilliant story. My only major issue with the book is that I now have to wait for the next one…This was my first foray into Alexandra Bracken, but I will definitely be checking out her The Darkest Minds series – if the premise is even half as good as Passenger I am sure to enjoy myself immensely!

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