Slaying the Sky Dragon: Death of the Greenhouse Theory by Dr Tim Ball, Dr Martin Hertzberg + Others

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Title: Slaying the Sky Dragon: Death of the Greenhouse Theory

Authors: Dr Tim Ball, Dr Claes Johnson, Dr Martin Hertzberg, Joseph A. Olsen, Alan Siddons, Dr Charles Anderson, Hans Schreuder, John O’Sullivan.

Genre: Non-fiction/Science/Environmental

Rating: * * *

Review: ‘Slaying the Sky Dragon’: Death of the Greenhouse Gas Theory’ may be a book aimed at a particular audience, but even people like myself, who have no interest in climate science can enjoy it. Slaying the Sky Dragon in its rawest form, without going into complicated details, is about the supposed errors in the science behind man-made global warming. The 8 authors contend that the backbone of climate science known as “the greenhouse gas theory” is fatally flawed in its Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. In their diverse characters, each author states their findings and facts about why the theory is false.

The book is mainly aimed at people who follow climate science closely, but the content ranges in difficulty from basic GCSE level to PhD level so almost anyone can understand certain entries. I recommend if you are new to climate science – or do not follow it closely – you read the chapters written by Alan Siddons, Hans Schreuder and John O’Sullivan as they are the chapters I found easiest to understand. For people who have a degree in maths or physics the chapters by Dr Claes Johnson and Dr Charles Anderson completely dumbfounded me, so you should be ok with these.

The leader of the authors’ umbrella organisation – Principia Scientific International – John O’Sullivan – insists PSI was founded on the principles of the traditional scientific method and openness and transparency regarding data and research findings in climate science. While trying to remain unbiased, they seem to have impressive evidence that proves that one of the most publicized “theories” we were spoon fed at school as children is false. They also have evidence that the “settled science” of how Earth’s complex atmosphere operates is not actually settled and requires further testing and investigation.

The book’s lead author, Dr Ball, is one of the world’s leading climate scientists sceptical of global warming. Ball, has been involved in a five-year, multi-million dollar lawsuit in Canada after being sued for libel by key UN lead alarmist climatologist, Dr Michael Mann. The outcome of that case could go a long way in determining the ultimate truth of what all the hidden science is really about.

I strongly urge people, whether they are interested in climate change or not, to read this book. It provokes question to things I had taken as fact for many years, since I was a child. It also just makes interesting reading and you are guaranteed to learn something about the climate and universe that you didn’t know before.

Buy it here:

British Edition –

American Edition –

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