Mr. M by Stella Lancaster

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Title: Mr. M

Author: Stella Lancaster

Genre: romance/erotica/BDSM/ real life

Rating: *****

Review: As most of you know I hardly ever give 5 *`s for a review especially a novella. Mr. M totally blew my mind. I usually stay away from novellas as they are too short and tend to be disorganized but this turned me around 180°s. For being less than 50 pages long its enticing and certainly got my blood pumping (if you catch my drift).

Mr. M is a real life story but bits have probably been altered for privacy reasons. Its a romance novella with a strong BDSM element. And I know what you’re all thinking “not another fifty shades” well stop! I personally have read a ton of BDSM erotica and romance and this novella stands out for a few reasons:

  1. Its realistic – the character of Marco is conforming slightly to the genre but he still feels human not a figment of someone’s imagination. The book is told in first person so I assume the “I” refers to Stella. And Stella is an average woman divorced with 2 kids. Not pampered or privileged or overly abused and jaded. She’s someone who you could meet on the street.
  2. The BDSM elements are represented properly. In a lot of erotica I see over glamorous and sensationalised BDSM. Which some women mistake for reality. As a member of the BDSM community myself people need to realise that BDSM isn’t all about whips and chains. It’s all about the trust and the “Dom” isn’t actually in charge the “Sub” is. But is a well discussed and planned relationship of equal power exchange.

While reading this novella Stella`s fear, apprehension and excitement all resonated with me and made me hunger for more of her work. I highly recommend this novella and personally can’t wait to read the second installment. I hope there is plenty more to come from Stella Lancaster.

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