Mr. M: Book 2 by Stella Lancaster

Book reviewm 2

Title: Mr. M 2

Author: Stella Lancaster

Genre: BDSM/romance/erotica

Rating: ****

Review: After reading Mr. M (the first book by Stella Lancaster) I had high hopes for the second book, and it didn’t disappoint. Although I was slightly disappointed by the title. I envisioned something like “Mr. M: Stellas second adventure. Or even something a bit more creative than Mr. M 2 but the story is great.

The plot and storyline of the first novella are continued, as well as the developing D/s and possible romantic relationship between Stella and Mr. M. Also in this novella we see more of Stellas mothering side, her sons lacrosse game, making him do his homework.

Although in this novella we see far more of Stellas anxieties, especially when it comes to involving men in the lives of her children. She is extremely frustrated and almost furious when Mr. M turns up on her doorstep while her children are there, which she told him he couldn’t do. At times we feel he is forcibly pushing the boundaries of their relationship, which angers and entices Stella all at once.
Although she is beginning to open up more to her lover by telling him her fantasies and showing him her frustrations. We see more of the sexual chemistry between them, especially in the blindfolded sex scene. We intensely feel what Stella feels, not see what she sees which adds a new dynamic to their relationship.
The cliffhanger ending is amazing. Stella going on a date with another Dom called Thomas she met online. She thinks she has gotten away with sneaking away from Mr. M’s gaze as they both leave different bars moments away from one another, but the ominous and down there tingling knock at the door hints at a punishment and tons of pleasure to come.
I intently hope this series continues. My only criticisms are the title and these books are far too short. They wet my appetite but they are not enough to satisfy my cravings for the sensual Mr. M and the secretly seductive Stella.

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