The 13th Sacrifice by Debbie Viguie

Book review13th

Title: The 13th sacrifice

Author: Debbie viguie

Genre: psychological/ paranormal/ mystery

Rating: ***

Review: Samantha Ryan, a young police officer and member of the Boston PD, has never led an easy life. Born to a woman who was very much an important, powerful and terrifying figure in a Salem witch coven, Samantha was able to escape a life of terror and power by the skin of her teeth. However, when two students are found murdered in quick succession of one another, with unmistakable pentagons cut onto their foreheads, Samantha has no choice but to revisit her terrifying past and join the coven once more, to go undercover and solve the crimes.

Samantha must embrace and accept the powers she has buried inside herself for her adult life for the purpose of protecting the people who rejected her as a child. Her powers may be better than average but to single-handily go up against a coven corrupt by power and greed, she will be lucky to make it out alive.

The 13th Sacrifice is the first book in a new trilogy from Debbie Viguié. Fans of Nancy Holder, the acclaimed author of Buffy, will adore any work by Viguié. In fact, the two women have collaborated in the past on a five-book-series called Wicked. For anyone already a fan of Viguié, The 13th Sacrifice will not disappoint!

Written is a confident hand, this is no wishy-washy teenage wiccan saga as I was fully expecting it to be, but a truly scary novel pieced together with intelligent characters, good dialogue and a clever plot. Samantha has a good, non-romantic relationship with her work partner. It is unusual to find a book with a female and male lead characters that are ‘just friends’ and it makes a nice change.

The magic element of the story is handled by Viguié very well. It is not so unbelievable that it’s difficult to read, as I have found some magic-related books can be, and it is easy to understand and sympathise with Samantha. There is a lot of mystery surrounding certain members of the coven which is always enjoyable and intriguing.

The 13th Sacrifice exceeded my expectations and is a great read, easy to get stuck into and a joy to follow the events as they unfold. There are plenty of twists and turns along the way, and nothing that you expect to happen ever does – often a sign of a good book, I think.

There is certainly room for another book or two, so I was happy to hear this is going to be expanded into a trilogy; the second book, titled The Last Grave, is set to be released later this year.

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