A Brief Guide to London’s Lost Cinemas’ by Peter Higgins

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Title: A brief guide to London’s lost cinemas’

Author: Peter Higgins

Genre: slice-of-life/crime-ish

Rating: **

Review: A brief guide to London’s lost cinemas’ is a short story from the Open Peen Anthology by Peter Higgins, I have to say I enjoyed it but it wasn’t really my cup of tea.

The story itself is rather brief and could have done with being a little bit longer for me. There also wasn’t much in the way of backstory of the characters. The protagonist I gather is a film reviewer of sorts, who spends most of his life at the local cinema and work. He doesn’t have much in the way of a social life and even disdains seeing his co-worker and his girlfriend attending the same showings as him.

The protagonist is actually writing an article called A Brief Guide to London’s Lost Cinemas’ and is struggling with it as he is trying to deal with his personal issues, and not very well I might add.

The ending isn’t very satisfying although it leaves an opening for it to be continued. The story ends with the protagonist hurriedly leaving work calling he is ill. Although he cleans out his desk giving the impression he doesn’t plan on returning to work.

He also heads straight for the cinema where he films most comfortable and again spies his co-worker. It felt a little romancey between the co-worker, it had a sense of a little emotional tension between the two and I’d like to know why.

I can honestly say I doubt I’ll be reading anything else by this author although that should not deter you as some people may enjoy this style of writing, whereas I personally prefer something with more meat to it.

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