The Fabulous Liar by Susann Pasztor

Book reviewliar

Title: The fabulous liar

Author: Susann pasztor

Genre: family/ drama/ history

Rating: **

Review: Joschi Molnar was a womaniser, a romantic, a free-spirit and most-importantly, a fabulous liar.

After committing suicide he left behind a number of children from five marriages, all of whom had a different outlook on their father after experiencing a different version of his life with him. Now, on what would have been his hundredth birthday, his three remaining children – Gabor, Hannah and Marika and her daughter Lily – have reunited in Buchenwald, where Joschi was a Jewish prisoner during the war. Or so he said.

Over the weekend stories are told, versions are examined and truths are speculated. Told from Lily’s perspective, the only person not to formally know Joschi, we are an outsider looking in on fraught scenes of tension and exasperation but also of understanding and embrace.

A Fabulous Liar is a heartfelt tale that is refreshingly honest. Pasztor plays on personalities that undoubtedly clash and that in turn encourage scenes of quick-witted humour. As the lies tumble over one another during the course of a night the real Joschi Molnar is pinned and the gaping awkward resentment that has reared between the half-siblings is beautifully dissolved.

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