Someone to Save You by Paul Pilkington

Book Reviewsave you

Title: Someone to save you

Author: Paul Pilkington

Genre: Crime/Drama/Thriller

Rating: ****

Review: Sam Becker – a pediatric surgeon’s – life takes an unexpected turn when returning from the 15th commemoration of his sister’s death, he is suddenly stopped by a teenage girl running onto the road, narrowly missing her, she begs Sam to help save her mom and three siblings whose car is stuck on the railroad tracks. What at first glance looks like a simple suicide attempt later turns out into something way more sinister. Is the railroad accident linked to his sister, Cathy’s, death from 30 years ago? How does Marcus Johnson, Cathy’s convicted killer and Sam’s previous best friend, fit into this entire crazy story? Nothing makes sense and nothing looks like it seems.

I enjoyed this book, it was a fast entertaining read. I enjoyed the mystery, suspense and overall story line of the novel. The writing style was also pretty good and I liked reading this novel. The mystery and suspense were very good and the event that the book started of with, was what intrigued me to read further.

I  really connected with the main character, Sam and the lesser main character Louisa, they really appealed to me so there was so many way for me to identify with them. They where good characters, and Sam does undergo a lot of character development, which is always good in a book. He discovers some more information about the death of his sister and in the end I think he does have some sense of closure.

The mystery and suspense was good and the suspense leading up to the ending was satisfactorily executed. It was special and kept me entertained until the end, and I did really want to know how this book would end. But I was thrilled with the ending but it left me with so many unanswered questions. Certain thing were not properly explained, there was no clear answer to as how the ending came to be. I just felt slightly disappointed there was no clear cut ending for the reader but it does leave an opening for the author to write a sequel to this novel and I as a reader would love a second novel and to have all the loose ends tied up.

Like how all these events were interlinked and who the hell is Jody, where does she come from and how the hell does she know everything?? I could not argue with the story line and suspense being good, but I was just left feeling meh about the book after the ending. So if the ending had been better, it would overall be a brilliant suspense-filled novel, but alas.

I would probably recommend this book to adult readers looking for a good mystery and suspense novel that, the part I found  especially good was when all puzzle pieces fell into place in the end. I found this book an interesting and great read that I could not put down and would recommend it highly to all crime and suspense lovers.

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