Lucky by Alice Sebold

Book Review lucky

Title: Lucky

Author: Alice Sebold

Genre: Non-fiction/Autobiography/Thriller/Romance/Crime

Rating: * * * * *

Review: Lucky by Alice Sebold is one of the best book I have ever read. It is a part autobiography meaning it is about her life but not all of it, only a small section, which just happens to be one of the most traumatic events in her life. Lucky is centred around Sebold’s beating, rape, trail and recovery while she was studying in an American college.

Sebold tells no lies nor does she try to sugar coat anything in the book. I found sometimes in the novel details are spare but that is because she intentionally blocked out some of the traumatic events by not regarding the rape, more of the aftermath. She blocks out the people around her, especially her parents. Her memories linked to the rape are extremely clear, and though they are disturbing at times they make for gripping reading – they also provide some background for reading Sebold’s other novel like The Almost Moon and The Lovely Bones.

The book is not written as a diary as a reader would expect, it is written more as a story but with factual events, which I admit does make for a unexpected and interesting read. But it does at the beginning leave the reader slightly confused, thinking is this a story or an autobiography? The easy answer is its both. And the way in which Sebold combines the two is pure genius, and anyone who picks up this book should read it. I can guarantee you will be captivated from cover to cover.

Overall, this book is beautifully written and perfectly constructed, and it may leave you slightly confused at first, but I urge you to persevere with it. The book will entice you, shock you and make you cry every single time you read it. You will be taken into the mind of an abused and recovering young woman who has been dehumanized in the most brutal of ways and you feel every ounce of her pain, her joy and mostly her fear.

I can relate personally to the events that take place in Lucky, and I found it so honest and yet so detached from any human emotion, it in places almost feels like it was written by a robot. But that is exactly was she is trying to convey. She felt so much, that she literally could not make sense of it and therefore feels nothing. She feels like a robot, doing exactly what she has been programmed to do. She feels pulled in every direction by her family, her friends and the justice system. And it is these things that entice you and holds onto you as a reader. And its exactly want Sebold wants you to feel. She wants you to feel exactly like you are walking in her shoes. And you do, through every sentence on every page right the way through the book.

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