Beauty’s Release by Anne Rice

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Title: Beauty’s Punishment

Author: Anne Rice

Genre: Romance/Erotica/ BDSM

Rating: ***

Review:  This one I have a few things first of all to admit. Of all three books this one was my favourite, more than likely because it is the conclusion of the series. Second I am happy I stepped out of my little normal reads box and just went for something new. Variety is good and I believe reading this trilogy has really made me appreciate my regular book choices.
In book three “Beauty’s Release” Beauty is kidnapped by the sultan’s henchmen and stolen away in the night to a far off foreign land that is nothing like anything she has ever known. Not knowing what to expect.


Beauty found the new land enticing because everything was so different including how they managed their slaves. Beauty was kidnapped because she was the cream of the slave crop and the sultan had worked out a deal with the Queen that he was allowed to steal only the best. Since Beauty was one of the best you had better believe they would use her like the best slave that ever hit the block.

As I have stated before this series is too graphic to go into much detail here. What I can say is I am glad I read it and I was satisfied with the conclusion. It was worth it in the end just to find out what happen to Beauty. This novel is wildly imaginative on Rice’s part, honestly before reading this series I never would have guessed how dark Ann Rice could be. It does all make sense now that I look back on the Vampire Chronicles. I see the dark underlining that was fully exposed in this series. If you are interested in giving this wildly erotic series a try please keep in mind it is very S and M style and very graphic with sex and violence.

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Beauty’s Punishment by Anne Rice


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