Mischief Done by J. A. O’Brien

Book Reviewmischeif done

Title: Mischief Done

Author: J. A. O’Brien

Genre: Crime/Drama/Murder

Rating: **

Review: I found J. A. O’Brien’s novel Mischief Done a little slow and drab to begin with, it starts on the same, well used ground of most crime novel, a person in this case a child goes missing and with the allusive kidnapper unfound, and the body of another child turns up the eyes of doubt and suspicion turn to the police.

Suspicion falls on the step-father, real father, her mothers’ lovers, and almost every other male characters in the novel, which is meant to keep us guessing and trying to work out who this kidnapper/killer is, but in truth it just makes the book boring.

But for the sake of the novel it does have good setting and well thought through character development, the only element of the book that is lacking is the plot. It is wholly unoriginal and fake feeling. Although J. A. O’Brien has tried his hardest, he has fallen into the same trap as many other crime writers, he has started what could have been a great book on used ground. If he had managed to come up with something new that has never been seen in a crime novel before, his book may have earned a higher rating.

Although I do not want to dissuade anyone from reading, if this is the sort of book you are into go straight ahead and read it and by all means enjoy it. But if you are new to crime novels or book reading in general, I would recommend you don’t start with this novel as it is likely to put you off reading other book from the genre.

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