Moonfire by Linda Lael Miller

Book Reviewmoonfire

Title: Moonfire

Author: Linda Lael Miller

Genre: Romance/Erotica/Young adult

Rating: * * *

Review:Stranded by a shattered promise on Australia’s vast shores, Maggie Chamberlin vowed to shape a new Iife for herself in Sydney. Then she encountered arrogant, wealthy Reeve Mckenna, a man as ruggedly splendid as the Australian wilderness. Though he thrilled Maggie’s senses and held her proud, untried heart captive, Reeve could not be hers alone. For he was obsessed by a lifelong hope — to find his beloved brother James, lost two decades before. Torn between the clash of their wills and the sweet dark rush of desire, they rose time and again to rapture. But Reeve’s fierce hunger for the Yankee beauty was not yet love, and Maggie would have the pleasure of his passion and the full surrender of his heart — or nothing at all!

Moonfire was a bit of a disappointment for me. The synopsis online and the blurb of the book set me up for this amazing journey a spurned woman travels along and finds the love of her life along the way, but this wasn’t so. The novel turned out to be just another run of mill, unpleasant, boring erotica. The character don’t develop much if at all! The plot is generic and bland and it the overall reading experience boils down to “I’m almost sure so-in-so wrote an identical book to this!”

The reader can see that the author is trying her best to create a good novel but she has failed at this. I will not be reading this book again, but if you are new to erotica I recommend you stay away from this novel because it will put you off the entire genre, and if you are an experienced erotica reader like me this book with just disappoint, but by alll means if you want to read it go ahead.

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