Infinity by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Book Reviewinfinity

Title: Infinity

Author:  Sherrilyn Kenyon

Genre: Horror/Thriller/Romance

Rating: ***

Review:”Baby, I ain’t trash. Trash is something you throw away. My people keep me.”

Nick Gaulter, our 15 year old reluctant hero who stands at the crossroads of good and evil, is back and in more trouble than ever. Someone at his school has set up a webpage that is spreading horrible, hateful rumors about the kids in school, causing tensions to rise and nobody is coming out of it unscathed. As Nick struggles to find out who is running this website, he is also training to control his powers and stay out of the hands of those who seek to subjugate him.

The Nick Chronicles is an engaging YA series that spin off of Kenyon’s much loved Dark Hunters series. What I love is this YA series uses the magic and mythology that is prevalent in her DH series and develops them within a easy to relate to youth appealing storyline. Sex, drugs, and bullying are all covered and answers are given to help the teens in the story understand, accept, and deal with the situations they find themselves in. The characters are well developed with realistic personalities and witty banter that keeps you laughing and hooked into the story till the end.

We see more of Nick’s mom whom I found that I really don’t like. She was thought to be such a paragon in the adult series, but in here she is quite vapid. While I understand the circumstances surrounding Nick’s birth and the severity of their living conditions, I find her treatment of Nick to be appalling. She acts like white trash. There, I said it. She always thinks the worse of him and treats him like a criminal. And her nickname for him-Boo-annoys me. lol We do see many familiar faces in here; Kyrian, Ash, Thorn, and the Pelters, which helps cement the bridge between the two series and also helps to answer questions we have from her adult series.

Well, Sherrilyn Kenyon has done contemporary romance, historical romance, character name source books, writers guide to the middle ages, and of course, paranormal romance. But that wasn’t enough, oh no! Now she has decided to try her hand at Young Adult. And this is another well done attempt, at least in my opinion. First off, those of us familiar with the Dark-Hunter series know Nick as an older man. Or, at least we know him in his late teens and early twenties. But as mentioned on the cover, he is fourteen in “Infinity.” And I think Kenyon pulled it off very well. Nick feels fourteen – he’s worried about graduating, he’s worried about schoolwork.. or at least he is when zombies aren’t attacking him. And most of all, he’s checking out nearly every girl that comes by. I chuckled every time he made sure to get an eyeful of a newly arrived girl.

And of course, we get to see all of our old favorite characters – Kyrian, Acheron, Simi, Tabitha, etc. And seeing Nick interact with them, and starting to shape the relationship he will have with them at the beginning of the Dark-Hunter series is wonderful. And I’m sure some of you are going “Simi?! But that’s not right!” Well.. I don’t want to spoil anything, but trust me, things are a-changing. It’s a very interesting plot dynamic. Questions are answered in here with a new set just waiting to be figured out. Nick learns some valuable lessons about power and free will and we learn that nothing is what it seems. As with her adult series, everyone in here has their own end game and will try to use Nick to accomplish it. Infamous finally begins to hint at the ways Nick’s story will fit into the Dark Hunter world and how the two series will eventually merge together. It’s rather confusing and I’m am still a bit mystified on how it will actually work but I’m confident Kenyon can and will do it.

Now, the only downside to this book.. is that if the reader is not familiar with the Dark-Hunter world, I can definitely see how it can get confusing. There are plenty of characters to learn, and even more confusing new terms that are mentioned, but aren’t really explained much. However, at the same time, it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. If the reader is unfamiliar with the DH world, they’re learning everything along with Nick, and figuring things out as he does.

The ending is the usual action packed blow out that leaves Nick battered but not defeated. I am looking forward to the story advancing quicker then the “day in the life of Nick” we are getting now with the attached morality lessons at the end. I look forward to reading more of the Nick Chronicles and seeing how this will all eventually end.

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