Born of Silence by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Book Reviewborn of silence

Title:Born of Silence

Author:  Sherrilyn Kenyon

Genre: Horror/Thriller/Romance

Rating: **

Review: I have been following Ms. Kenyon since the 90’s. I have been following The League Series since it began. Book after book I have read about Darling I have loved the idea of a gay character, a gay assassin at that! I was very unsure whether this would be the book that would turn me away from the League and all I had come to love about Kenyon.  I went into this book convinced I was not going to like it.  Darling has been a beloved character for me ever since the start of the League series.  And I was absolutely livid about the idea that after three books, Sherrilyn Kenyon was taking a character who had always been gay and making him straight.  From the moment I finished Born of Shadows, the idea festered in my head.  I complained about it for a year.  Then I started reading this book and it blew me away from the very beginning.

Obviously, Darling is not gay and in my heart of hearts, that may always bother me on some level.  But Kenyon makes it work. I’m not going to spoil how, because it’s part of the journey.  In fact, I’m going to try really hard to keep as much of the plot to myself as I can because I don’t want to rob you of the shocking twists and turns the story takes us on. The bare bones are as follows:  Darling has been having a super-secret affair with a Resistance fighter named Zarya for two years, but he’s been doing it as his alter-ego Kere. She has never seen his face but their love is real and they plan to get married.   And then it all goes to hell.  Darling’s miserable past is slowly revealed over the course of the book and as horrible as it is, what he goes through in the present may actually be worse.  The depths of his misery are hard to bear.  I question whether anyone can go through what he does and emerge with a soul intact on the other side, no matter the depth of the love or friendship that surrounds him.

Kenyon has never disappointed me and I am so grateful that she held true for Darling! Born of Silence was a stunner! Jam packed full of action Born of Silence was simply shocking with twist after twist after of shocking moments and steamy scenes! Nothing was left out and all doors were open for Darling’s book! And I am really glad to say it wasn’t a short one!

Zarya Starska is a woman in love with a stranger. She knows him by shadow, by the sound of his voice, and by the silence that is brought by him alone. As a resistance fighter, Zarya knows that all too often enemies lie around every corner. Yet her mysterious life with Kere is the only safe-harbor that she has. Zarya has made it her one goal in life to destroy the government that destroyed her family and life as she knew it. Zarya will take any weapon she can get, use any advantage that she may have, and hurt whoever she has to hurt to see that her goal is done.

Darling has always been somewhat of a mystery. We see him popping up at random when he is most needed though out the series, always gay, always on this edge of funny, and always with a tendency to be Cruel to his enemies. Daring’s motto has been the enemy of my friend is my enemy. Secretly Darling has been living a double or is it a triple life. On one hand, he is the Prince of his people. On the other hand, he is one of the League and an assassin all on his own. Though out the story a younger Darling is revealed and here we also get our first glimpse of Darling as Kere his alter-ego who has been falling in love with a woman who has never seen his face.

Kenyon is the queen of the tortured heroes and while Acheron may always reign supreme as the most tortured, Darling gives him a run for his money –and if you’ve read Acheron that should tell you a lot.  What Darling has, though, that Ash never did is an amazing friend in Maris.  I love Maris.  He is the glue that holds Darling together when he begins to crack, and I’m so glad this character existed to give our hero some shelter from the storm.

As for Zarya, she makes a mistake that has serious consequences.  But I believe she is a good person. And there is absolutely no doubt that she loves Darling with her whole heart.  The question becomes whether her love will be enough to help heal him.

The cast of the previous League books feature prominently and Kenyon does a fantastic job maintaining continuity. I loved learning how Darling became part of the Sentella and seeing how Nyk, Syn and the others became his real family.  It’s also great to see the old characters not just used as placeholders for a happy ending update, but as a real part of the story.

We also get to delve into the depths of Darling’s past and see just how Cruel his life has truly been. Nothing, and I mean nothing, could have prepared Darling for his now current future. The hardships, pain, and triumphs that Darling is forced to endure are almost more than anyone should ever be asked to endure. The depths of this book are amazing and I have not seen them since Acheron! There were times when I found that I was laughing, shouting I was so mad, and sobbing as the emotions ran through me! And the ending.  It was one heck of an ending.  A game changer for the series.I’m not going to say any more, except that if you are a League fan and were on the fence about this book, I urge you to read it.  You’ll be moved… outraged… and amazed. Or at least, I was.Prepare to be enraged. Prepare to be moved. Most of all prepare to fall in love with a Darling that you never knew until now! Born of Silence is simply a must read.

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