Murdered by Nature by Roderic Jefferies

Book Reviewmurdered by nature

Title: Murdered by Nature: An Inspector Alvarez mystery

Author: Roderic Jeffries

Genre: Thriller/Crime/Police fiction

Rating: * *

Review: Murdered by Nature is not the easiest novel to understand and it is part of a series, but can be read as a stand alone novel. But I highly recommend that you read other books by Jeffries before reading this particular book or like me until you near the end of the novel you are going to be lost as to where its going with the plot and strange character relationships.

Inspector Alvarez is a homicide detective on a small island near Majorca, when a man drowns in the island’s bay, a web of lie and deceit unfolds. It falls to one man to unveil the reasons and motives behind this man’s death. The novel is a bit boring in the sense it only bounces between the way he works and his home life. It feels very real in the sense he is overworked; he works late almost every night – and most nights he takes work home with him causing a lot of tension between him and his family members, especially his sister.

The book alternates between Inspector Alvarez’s home life and work life and the trials and struggles in both. You also see in the book he is “human” because of the things he sees on a daily basis, like rapes and murders, he has developed a drinking problem and also struggles to develop social relationships because he has been outcast because of his job.

The book didn’t really grip me as a reader until near the end of the novel, and even then it was not great. So unless you like realistic, slightly mundane, boring novels like this, I would not really recommend it as a good read.

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