Wings of Stone by J. D. Monroe

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Title: Wings of Stone

Author: J.D. Monroe

Genre: Fantasy/Romance

Rating: *****

Review: The opening to Wings of Stone was ok, we meet Tarek on guard at the gate between the human and dragon tasks waiting for the princess to cross over, when they don’t arrive on schedule he decides to go looking for them. We also meet Gabrielle Rojas a nurse working on a mysterious Jane doe with some horrible injuries when she awakens even with ask the drugs and Gabby ends injured but mysteriously the girl is back asleep but her injuries are healing at an inhuman rate making her very suspicious. Tarek discover the corpse of the princess` guard who was killed by Ironflight, a nation of dragons who are the rivals of Tarek’s people, the Stoneflight. As he follows the trail of magic the princess left behind he ends up at the hospital, it turns out the Jane doe is actually princess Ashariah. When Tarek tries to take Ashariah from the hospital Gabby fights him and his manipulation magic seems to have no affect on her.

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Under Darkness by Dylan Murphy

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Title: Under Darkness

Author: Dylan Murphy

Genre: Thriller/Dystopian

Rating: ***

Review: The prologue to Under Darkness was great, we meet Kurt, Todd and Neil in Amity, Virginia were they are on their way to deal with a  Black activist by the name of  Devin Taylor. For what I gathered Neil is undercover and works for the FBI but his accomplices don’t know this. We learn that Todd is  White Fist’s leader – a form of Aryan group. After successful kidnapping Devin they take him back to their headquarters as they begin to interrogate and torture Devin the power cuts out and there is a hint of a majorly destructive events or the apocalypse.

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Requiem for a Dream by Hubert Selby Jr.

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Title: Requiem for a Dream

Author: Hubert Selby Jr.

Genre: Family/Addiction/Relationships

Rating: *****

Review: The opening to Requiem for a Dream was great, but we see that Harry and Tyrone already have addiction and are going to greater and greater lengths to get the money that fuels their habit, including take possession from Harry’s mother and selling them. We can see from the offset that most of the relationship that will be presented within this book will be extremely toxic. Harry’s relationship with his mother is horrid he constantly steals from her to fund his habit and completely fails to recognise the signs of depression within his own mother. Harry’s friends are also a bad influence as they all do heroin and there isn’t a single person Harry is close to that doesn’t shoot up, this would make it nearly impossible for him to get off drugs.

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Zac & Mia by A. J. Betts

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Title: Zac & Mia

Author: A. J. Betts

Genre: YA/Contemporary/Romance

Rating: *****

Review: The opening the Zac & Mia was great, we meet Zac who has leukemia and is recovering after a bone marrow transplant when a girl close to his age is moved into the room next door. Initially Zac doesn’t like her music being loud but he realises she does this because she is lonely, as she fights with her visitors all the time. The premise of this novel reminded me a lot of The Fault in our Stars which I loved. The novel is told in a dual perspective split between Zac and Mia.

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