The November Girl by Lydia Kang Review


Book Review

Title: The November Girl

Author: Lydia Kang

Genre: YA/Fantasy/Thriller

Rating: ****

Review: This is the first Lydia Kang book I have read but I have heard many good things about the Control duology (if that’s what it’s called) so the opening chapter of the November Girl was interesting. We meet Hector who is running away from an overbearing uncle although there seems to be more going on than we are privy to. He is running to Isle Royale which will be deserted for the winter and therefore the perfect place to hide until his 18th birthday, however, while on the ferry to the Isle he catches a glimpse of a strange girl standing on the shore and the superstition and rumours surrounding the November witch have him slightly on edge and possibly imagining things. However, in the next chapter, we meet Anda, who is staying with her father on the Isle, but he must leave her behind in November as she is part of the lake, whatever that means. When Hector arrives on the Isle he sees her again and though she runs away from him, he is resigned to the fact he will be sharing the Isle for a little while, however, given the way Anda speaks about herself, he may be in more danger on the Isle than he realizes.

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Monsterland by Michael Okon Review – Blog Tour


Book Review

Title: Monsterland

Author: Michael Okon

Genre: Children’s/Fantasy

Rating: ***

Review: The opening to Monsterland was good, not knowing much about this book going into it this first chapter really took me by surprise. We meet Billy along with several other boys including Little John, Petey, and Todd who all live in the Everglades; a swamp. The reason for this is revealed when all the boys turn into wolves under the light of the moon and are subsequently hunted down and captured by humans hunting them although Billy has no idea why. We are also introduced to Carter White in a small tight-knit community deeply affected by recent events. We learn that there was a virus outbreak in Asia and although contained it did manage to spread to the US before also being contained. Doctor Konrad also helps the small town but in exchange wants to build a theme park about the infected close by.

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Zenn Diagram by Wnedy Brant Review


Book Review

Title: Zenn Diagram

Author: Wendy Brant

Genre: YA/Coming of Age

Rating: ****

Review: In the beginning of Zenn Diagram we are introduced to Eva, who is a huge math geek. We learn in the first couple of pages that Eva gets visions although they come in two forms; algos which she gets from touching calculators which tell her where people are struggling in math, so she can tutor them and fractals which she gets from touching people or their belonging and these bring very personal visions. Eva’s sense of humor is quite dry but to be honest, I really like it, it gives her a human quality in her insecurities and her strange quirks that are edited out of the majority of YA characters. When Eva agrees to tutor Zenn she does expect to get a fractal from him which hits her harder than any other has and it feels different too although she doesn’t get anything from his math book like she normally would.

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Implanon vs. Nexplanon

What are they?

implanon The Nexplanon female long term contraceptive implant for long acting reversible contraception

In the UK, Nexplanon is the main contraceptive implant currently in use. Implants inserted before October 2010 were called Implanon. Since October 2010, insertion of Implanon has decreased as stocks are used up, and Nexplanon has become the most commonly used implant.

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ReadByZoe Readathon

So I had quite an huge TBR for this readathon and I honestly thought I did really well.


  1. Splintered by A G Howard
  2. They both die at the end by Adam Silvera
  3. Warcross by Marie Lu
  4. Unearthed by Amie Kaufman & Meagan Spooner
  5. The becoming of Noah Shaw by Michelle Hodkins
  6. Coldmaker by Daniel A. Cohen
  7. Eye Spy II by Tessa Buckley
  8. The Unity Game by Leonora Meriel – partial
  9. The end we start from by Megan Hunter

PAGES READ (22 hours to go)

So, I started this readathon late because I messed up the time differences, but my first book was Splintered by A G Howard, followed by TBDATE, Eye Spy II (from the author), The end we start from and a few pages from the Unity Game (also from the author).

Splintered by A G Howard – 371 pages

They both die at the end by Adam Silvera – 368

Eye Spy II Haunted by Tessa Buckley – 160

The unity game by Leonora Meriel – 50

The end we start from by Megan Hunter – 144


Eye Spy II Haunted by Tessa Buckley


Book Review

Title: Eye Spy II Haunted

Author: Tessa Buckley

Genre: MG/Mystery/Detectives

Rating: ***

Review: After reading Eye Spy a little while ago I was eager to jump straight back in with Eye Spy Investigations. We meet Donna and Alex in their regular lives as they head to school when an old friend Jimmy returns to their school. Jimmy’s family won the lottery and he now lives in a big house but got himself kicked out of his private school and returns to the public high school; Lea Green, although he does let slip that his house might be haunted. Immediately Donna and Emerald jump on the chance to investigate although Alex makes it clear he doesn’t believe in ghosts.

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The End We Start From by Megan Hunter


Book Review

Title: The End We Start From

Author: Megan Hunter

Genre: YA/Science/Family

Rating: ***

Review: The end we start from is writing in a style I have never come across before and it was intriguing. The characters have no names although there are referred by letters. During a mysterious environmental crisis, as London is submerged below flood waters, an unnamed woman along with her husband R give birth to their first child, Z. After the slightly traumatic birth the woman, R & Z head to R’s parents home to introduce them to their first grandchild.

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