Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake

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Title: Three Dark Crowns

Author: Kendare Blake

Genre: YA/Fantasy

Rating: ****

Review: The opening to three dark crowns was great we meet Queen Katherine who is under the care of Genevieve and Natalia Arron of the Arron family of poisoners, and the strongest member of the Black Council. We learn that Katherine is one of triplet Queens all celebrating their sixteenth birthdays and when they will come into their gifts, Katherine is set to be a poisoner. We learn that Katherine’s sister Mirabella got her gift early and she is an elemental and she will be competing with her sisters to become ruler. During the upcoming Beltane Festival, the sisters will use their gifts to gain an advantage during the Quickening Ceremony. The final sister Arsinoe is a naturalist although we don’t have much information on her yet. At the Gave Noir Katherine will be forced to easy many poisonous foods to prove her strength to the Arron house and the Black Council, and while she performs admirably the poisons take effect quickly making her sick in front of everyone, making her and her guardians look weak. Rather than having chapters this book.

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Nevernight Review

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Title: Nevernight (Audio book)

Author: Jay Kristoff

Genre: YA/Fantasy/Horror

Rating: *****

Review: The opening chapter to Nevernight was gripping to say the least. The narrator is telling us about a girl whose art was death, a girl that would kill him for telling her story, a girl he loved and I was hooked. Kristoff definitely has an amazing way with words the picture I conjured in my mind was so vivid I felt like I was living the words I was getting. We meet 16-year-old Mia Corvere as she takes two current paths through the nevernight in the city of Godsgrave. At first, I thought it was two different girls one discovering the awkward intimacy as she becomes a woman and another displaying the beauty of death but this girl is one and the same as she prepares to leave the city she has always known to enter the Mother’s service for what purpose is unknown but it will have something to do with Death and killing as that is what she has been trained for.

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September Review


  1. Goodbye Days by Jeff Zentner ***** – The opening to Goodbye Days was absolutely heart breaking from the first sentence, we meet Carver aka Blade whose three best friends Eli, Blake and Mars have just died in a car accident. Carver feels responsible as he was texting Mars who was driving at the time. The story starts at the funerals of the three boys which was very interesting, this novel is also told from Carver’s perspective so we know exactly how he is feeling at this devastating time. In the aftermath of the accident Carver`s life has stopped and he begins to have panic attacks. After the final funeral and being ambushed by the press Carver’s life gets worse when Judge Edwards, Mars’ father decides tries to put the criminal liability on Carver. This severely angers his sister Georgia and just further distresses the rest of the family.

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September Wrap Up

I only read 6 books last month but plan to read a lot more in the spooky season.


  1. Goodbye Days by Jeff Zentner – Can a text message destroy your life? Carver Briggs never thought a simple text would cause a fatal crash, killing his three best friends, Mars, Eli, and Blake. Now Carver can’t stop blaming himself for the accident and even worse, there could be a criminal investigation into the deaths. Then Blake’s grandmother asks Carver to remember her grandson with a ‘goodbye day’ together. Carver has his misgivings, but he starts to help the families of his lost friends grieve with their own memorial days, along with Eli’s bereaved girlfriend Jesmyn. But not everyone is willing to forgive. Carver’s own despair and guilt threatens to pull him under into panic and anxiety as he faces punishment for his terrible mistake. Can the goodbye days really help?

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They both die at the end by Adam Silvera

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Title: They both die at the end

Author: Adam Silvera

Genre: Friendship/YA/LGBT/Romance

Rating: *****

Review: So after reading more happy than not I was eager to read Adam Silvera’s other books; They both die at the end and History is all you left me. After hearing some rave review about TBDATE I decided to get the audiobook off Audible. The opening chapter was sublime and so gripping, we meet 18 year old Mateo Torrez after Death-Cast calls letting him know he is going to die at some point in the next 24 hours. Initially Mateo has a very normal reaction; shock and disbelief but he slowly begins to reflect on his life with some dark humour and decides that he is going to really live during his end day.  We also meet 17 year old Rufus Emeterio who also gets a Death-Cast call as he is beating his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend to death, the only thing that stops him is the call. Rufus is the complete opposite of Mateo but they are now being thrust into the same situation.

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The House Cup Reading Challenge


Name: Jodie Cook
Hogwarts House: Slytherin (Of course)
Wand Type: Cypress Wood with a dragon heartstring core 12 3/4″ and unyielding flexibility – according to Pottermore.
Pet: Probably an owl or cat
Favorite Subject: Potions
Favorite Professor: Professor Snape – because sexy need I say more.

A Curious Tale of the In-Between by Lauren DeStefano

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Title: A Curious Tale of the In-Between

Author: Lauren DeStefano

Genre: MG/Fantasy

Rating: *****

Review: The opening to a Curious Tale of the In-Between was great we meet Pram and learn of her tragic origins although she doesn’t know them herself as she lives with her two aunts Dee and Nan. Pram has a gift which allows her to see the dead like a young boy named Felix who is her friend. We join her at 11 when she is told that she must now go to school which she isn’t thrilled about despite being extremely bright. On her first day at school Pram is nervous but she meets a nice boy called Clarence Blue whose father is very famous. Clarence and Pram have many things in common including the fact both of their mothers are dead. As a favour to Clarence she goes to a psychic show with him who mentions something about a female spirit looking to apologize to her daughter for committing suicide. We the reader knows this is Pram`s mother but because Pram doesn’t know how her mother died she didn’t put the pieces together.

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